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    Zero Punctuation: Vampyr

    "..Lestat driven one." Oh Yahtzee, you're showing your age. I don't think the young people will know what you're referring to. XD On a slightly related note, Rice's books got really weird before she went super religious. Like, they were always a little weird, but damn. The Taltos trilogy made...
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    Zero Punctuation: E3 2018 Round-Up

    Oh damn, I forgot about that. Hrm. Still, I have kind of made a new rule for myself: No pre-ordering unless there's a solid history of non-disappointment and fuckery. CD Projekt Red and easily anything that's a Playstation exclusive (NMS doesn't exist, shhh). Outside of that, minimum 6-8 weeks...
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    Zero Punctuation: Star Wars: Battlefront 2

    I think you meant Kotex with Wings. Cunts don't have wings. Also, I remember a time when any game that was a movie or TV show tie-in was automatically considered trash. You wouldn't even look at it in the rental section of Blockbuster. And now here we are, with people complaining about a...
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    LED USB shoes, would you wear them.

    I'm just going to answer B with my own questions: A) Am I going to a rave where I shall be doing all the drugs? B) Am I eight years old? C) Do I often trip over my own feet in the dark?
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    Destiny 2 to Ditch Grimoire Cards, Keep Lore In-Game

    *skeptical* What they probably mean is there will be the same amount of story as the first one had. And they don't have time to explain why they don't have time to explain. Cracked did a short piece on the lore of Destiny recently. And that lore was probably the most interesting or creative...
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    Assassin's Creed - &%##@$* #%!#3$$^$#$%

    Kind of sad about this. I've been a fan of Michael Fassbender since his turn as Azazeal in Hex. I was going to watch this since I figured he wouldn't be in something completely dumb. Now I have to consider if he's worth sitting through a standard crappy video game flick.
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    California Man Drops $1 Million in Embezzled Funds on Game of War

    First few times I saw a Mobile Strike ad, I thought someone was using Arnold's likeness without permission. Then I saw him in a commercial for it and now some of my childhood memories are ruined. But only a few. As for why people are into this sort of thing? The companies put a lot of...
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    EA CFO Confirms There Will Be No Battlefield Game Next Year

    I don't believe it. Unless, of course, they mean no full AAA Battlefield releases but several Hardline-esque ones.
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    Zero Punctuation: Dishonored 2

    Yeah, bit weird for him to put it in, since the same can be said for the argument of making most protagonists male. And I actually found it a bit weird that Corvo is an option for the game, since one of Dishonored's endings showed Emily visiting his grave. Guess this occurs before that...
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    I love you, Sackboy. :) But we'll pretend LBP3 never happened, mmk?
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    AT&T May Not Really Have a Fiber Network in the Works

    I've got Gigabit speeds in my city. From an ISP, not Google. Suddenlink in Lubbock (in fairness, it's a college town). Still pretty expensive though. $107 for 1Gbps. U-Verse, meanwhile, charges the same rates for 18 Mbps (their max) that Suddenlink does for 50 Mbps. That said, they got bought...
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    Zero Punctuation: Fallout 4

    Agree with Yahtzee on the baby. I've barely played the game but every moment of the beginning in which the baby was present, I had to look away. I don't think it was uncanny valley creepiness, but that baby was just horrifying. The adults look better, as long as they don't smile. Really wish...
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    Zero Punctuation: Fallout 4

    ...Wtf. How do you have 325 hours in F4 already? DO YOU SLEEP?
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    These Lofty Heights

    Or just go FTP and play Defiance. The bugs and lag are awful, but you don't gotta pay them.
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    Destinception? Players Find Destiny Mission Inside Destiny Mission

    There's also 'secret' patrol bounties, but I don't know what their purpose is or where they lead. I was with some people on Venus, near the ship from Scourge of Winter when we got 'The First Mystery.'