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    Time-Lapse Satellite Photos Show Grim Realities for Our Planet

    Maybe, just maybe, building massive cities in the middle of deserts is actually a really terrible idea?
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    World Health Organization: Latest Ebola Outbreak Moving Too Fast to Control

    Just because it would be more effective to deal with a problem in its early stages doesn't mean the political or financial will exists to do so. It's not conspiracy garble to say that the problems of the poor and powerless tend to get ignored until those problems affect people who aren't...
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    Report: Crytek Staffers Haven't Been Properly Paid Since April

    It's official, that IP is cursed.
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    The Big Picture: Destined for Disappointment, Part 2

    See, here's the thing. Anakin did bring balance back to the Force. He did just did it by killing everyone. I mean, who is in charge and a massive part of the Republic at the start? The Sith? Hell no, the Jedi have had uncontested dominance of Force Use and a Galactic government backing them up...
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    Walmart Fired me today for insabornation

    I'm loving all the people in this thread who think the proper response to a boot being on your neck is to kiss the laces. Also, some people are mistaken about Right to Work. Right to Work legislation typically bans union shops. The right to fire you at any time for any reason is called At...
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    Walmart Fired me today for insabornation

    God why am I still awake? Anyway, Ragnar: I didn't call you evil. I described what any rational person would do. If you had the work for more people to do at a profit you would hire them regardless of taxation (unless you are somehow being taxed so heavily that you can't turn a profit, in...
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    Walmart Fired me today for insabornation

    edit: nevermind, i need to go to sleep
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    Walmart Fired me today for insabornation

    Yeah, your probably right, it's been a while since I signed the damn thing. Retail sucks OP, I hope you find a better job soon.
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    Walmart Fired me today for insabornation

    Pretty sure most people want enough money to live and respect in exchange for their labor. Certainly not "something for nothing". Publix and every worker's co-op ever disagrees with you. This is crap, you'd do what every other business owner with a brain would do and pocket the additional...
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    Walmart Fired me today for insabornation

    Yes, you sign an employment agreement with Walmart when you start working there, which is a form of contract. I know this because I signed one myself. I am assuming the worst of Walmart because they have a long, long history of this kind of abuse, and the OPs post is hardly unique. You are...
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    Walmart Fired me today for insabornation

    Wrong. They get to ask you to do what they hired you to do. Everyone that works for Walmart signed a contract with them that specified what that job would entail. If I remember right, it also specifies what areas of the store you will work in, so there's a very good chance they violated Veldie's...
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    Creationist Scientist Wants Airtime on Cosmos for Creationist Views

    And people in Hell want ice water!
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    Breaking Bad Contest Winner In Million Dollar Narcotics Bust

    It's all almost beautiful, in a messed up sort of way.
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    Unskippable: Far Cry 3

    Aww, I wanted to see you guys throw rocks. Oh well, maybe next time.
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    Fans Tear New Mass Effect Book to Shreds

    So it turns out Biotics were just Saiyans all along, who'd a thunk it? I bet that makes training interesting. "Teacher, I just can't seem to lift anything heavier than 2 kilos." "Okay, off to the getting-nearly-beaten-to-death-so-you'll-become-stronger-room with you." "Score! Level 3, here...