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    I don't understand the term trans

    So if there are no feelings that only a man or only a woman can feel, then how on Earth could someone who is born, raised, educated, etc. as a man claim to "feel" like a woman? That only makes sense if there is some kind of existential experience of womanhood available only to those who are born...
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    I don't understand the term trans

    But certainly you are a man not because you "feel like a guy" but because at birth you were placed into the social class "man," right? No one asked you how you felt before they started treating you like one.
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    I don't understand the term trans

    But...I mean...isn't the whole point of feminism to take the disparate, complex, subjective experiences of a class of people called "woman" and construct an analysis of their conditions? Like, idk, ten different people would answer ten different ways what it means to be "black" but that doesn't...
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    I don't understand the term trans

    I'm confused then, exactly what feelings a man could feel that a woman can't. If someone can be born, raised, educated, socialized, etc. as a man and yet still "be" a woman, that implies that there is a unique "womanly" essence or at the very least a unique "womanly" view of the world. I don't...
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    I don't understand the term trans

    I think it's amazing how fast people who consider themselves progressive/feminist are accepting the notion of a "woman's brain" or "woman's soul." I thought the whole point of feminism was that there *isn't* any behavior or way of living that is just for men or just for women. But now it seems...
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    Poll: Can You Still Enjoy Classic Games Despite The Advancements Of Modern Games?

    Just personally, I've always felt like there was a period between maybe (this is just a rough guess) 1998 and 2006, the PS1 era maybe, where those games were technically advanced enough to try a lot of new things but just not able to really capture it, and I find it really hard to go back. I'd...
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    Nobel laureate forced out of studies after making joke about women

    Also let's remember that this is bigger than one statement - he wasn't kicked out for making a joke, he was kicked out for holding *serious, shitty views* about women. Think about all the women who have worked under and with him for decades. Do we really think someone who holds opinions like...
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    Poll: There are only 2 genders....right?

    Gender is a social construct that is undeniably related to physical sex. The fact that gender is socially constructed does not mean that it is a matter of individual identification. Licensing systems for electricians are also socially constructed, but no one would hire someone who "identifies"...
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    Poll: A sensitive question about transgender and locker rooms

    I guess my feelings boil down to this: When women are abused, raped, or otherwise physically harmed, the perpetrator is nine times out of ten (actually far more often) going to have a penis. Why this is, you can debate, but the fact is there. All concepts of identity, gender, etc. aside, I...
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    So are drunk people responsible or not?

    The massive difference is that one action (driving drunk) is something you do yourself, while the other (sex) is something done to you or at least done *between* people. A better comparison would be driving drunk and raping someone while drunk - both are things you do, and both are crimes.
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    Anita Sarkeesian states that sexism against men is impossible

    The success of individual women inside a system of male supremacy does not invalidate the existence of that system, any more than a handful of wealthy black folks means racism is over. Individual analyses of what are fundamentally class-based social systems are doomed to failure.
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    Anita Sarkeesian states that sexism against men is impossible

    Sexism is an institutional system, not a collection of individual slights. Women can be mean to men, they can be jerks to men, they can hate men, but they can't oppress men.
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    Target Australia will no longer stock GTA5

    "Consensual" is not an accurate description of the vast majority of sexual encounters that take place in the sex trade. When a man purchases sex, he's not paying to obtain consent - he's paying to ignore it. He's asking, "How much money does it take for the fact that you don't want to fuck...
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    Poll: Privilege

    Actually, it does matter - the fact that men kill other men is *very* different from the fact that men also sometimes kill women. ... You do realize that African Americans make up about 13% of our population, right? Which means that black folks are massively *overrepresented* in these...
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    Poll: Privilege

    That's the most inane nonsense I've ever heard. You realize one out of every four women in America will be raped right? I'll believe that "people are dicks to everyone" when the same number of men suffer.