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    Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Delayed into October

    Demos take time and resources to make, and if a games being delayed brcause it has bugs or other similar issues then releasing an early demo as compensaion seems suicidal, as the demo would therfore be a slice of a build known to be too buggy to launch... Especially true of openworld games which...
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    Vanquish PC Bug Makes Higher Framerates Equal Higher Damage Taken

    I'm not so sure, depends why the two are tied together, if its something like timed invincibility periods, or indeed damage over an animation then tying the damage directly to framerate ensures the two happen in synch. Logical reasons are not hard to come up with for using framerate for timing...
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    Games where Shotguns are useful beyond arms' reach?

    This! Many games you need a sniper rifle to stand a chance of hitting a target that an assault rifle should easily be capable of.
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    Zero Punctuation: Remastered Editions

    There's still a moderate stream of new games to be fair. A much stronger reason is they are seen as easy money, they are usually cheap to make and sell enough to make a tidy profit as they were so cheap to make. And with Backwards compatibility being much rarer these days there's extra...
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    Will uninstalling mass effect andromeda delete my save file?

    Do you have cloud saves turned on in Origin?
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    Outlast 2 Has Basically Been Banned in Australia

    There are some curious points here. Many, many countries ban certain things on the internet, and quite a lot of things that are banned its hard to argue against, things like child pornography. Ditto on other mediums (similarly book, film whatever all can be censored for certain things. It...
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    Ever had a service take away a game?

    That's pretty much always been true, having a physical disk didn't stop what legally you buying technically being the license. The change with digital was that transferring a license became harder (often in practical terms impossible).
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    The Free NES/SNES Game You Get With Switch Online Only Valid For One Month

    Not till after the sub was reactivated.
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    Half-Life 3 Will Probably Never Happen, Says Valve Insider

    Not the greatest example as Lord of The Rings was written as a single book, it was Tolkien's publisher or editor that decided it should be broken up and sold/marketed as 3 books, and that was a money move, not a story one.
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    The Free NES/SNES Game You Get With Switch Online Only Valid For One Month

    Not my experience, didn't lose access to my xbox one gwg games when my sub lapsed in the autumn.
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    The Free NES/SNES Game You Get With Switch Online Only Valid For One Month

    Games with Gold allows you to play even with a lapsed sub, don't think PS+ does? Both better than this either way.
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    Two Razer Prototypes Stolen From CES - UPDATE

    Yup can think of plenty of things that this would be useful for professionally, where a desktop or even laptop with 2 additional monitors is still noticeably more cumbersome to transport and use. Even as a desktop replacement if you need something that takes up little space when not in use...
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    Two Razer Prototypes Stolen From CES - UPDATE

    Was linked to kinect (that was how it scanned the room for distortion correction) so may well have died with mainstream support for that. On the main thread theft thing, a PR stunt seems unlikely as it seems that official reports have been made which means that wasting police time etc comes...
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    Xbox One S Improves Framerates by up to 10%

    To be fair MS are trying not to... But a few games it drags the numbers just enough, allowing them to more consitently hit the 30 or 60 locks, and that makes a fair bit of difference smoothing out dips like that. But MS aren't selling it as faster, they're selling it on UHD upscaling, HDR...
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    Besides your money Apple now wants your organs too

    Must admit I'm fairly keen on opt out for organ donation.Those who actually care about what happens to their organs still can remove themselves if thats what they want, society gets a massive boost.