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    Duke Nukem Forever - What If...

    So I just saw the DNF trailer and the release date, wet myself, and got thinking... What do you think would happen if the game had been announced as a one-console exclusive? Would you erupt with anger cause you had the wrong console, or would you immediately go out and buy one just for DNF...
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    Unskippable: Let's Play: Legaia 2: Part 15

    Thanks for ending the Lets Play with a traditional Canadian sorry, that made me very happy!
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    A question for the Escapists in the UK/Ireland

    They are pretty much the best chocolate bars we can get, and sometimes they come in 8-packs! They rule. Also, from my experience, possiby aphrodesiac :D
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    What is the nastiest, most disgusting drink you ever had?

    My friend brought back some home brew white brandy from South Africa, his brother makes it in a barn somewhere It definitely burnt better than it tasted!
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    These are the rules that the actual pros play MW2 by

    Yeah, it's not saying that you should play like that all the time, only that having more tight rules and restrictions in a tourney would keep things tighter and more exciting.
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    The first video game weapon you ever used!

    His face was deadly, man... One hit one kill
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    The first video game weapon you ever used!

    Silenced pistol, 007 Goldeneye, FUN TIMES.
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    Whats your favourite Zero Punctuation video

    I love that bit in the RF:G review when he tests out the hammer on an NPC and snaps his spine, that section was so funny. I'd say my fave was Halo Wars though, almost entirely for the massive rant at the end. It's one of the few times Yahtzee actually loses it.
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    The most ridiculous gun in any game.

    It makes life more interesting for those of us with no lives dude. In any case, kudos for the third language, I can barely be bothered with one most of the time.
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    The most ridiculous gun in any game.

    I think you guys need to stop arguing about this, even if it is a pun it's entirely unneccesary and not really funny!
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    The most ridiculous gun in any game.

    Definitely the huge cannon in Serious Sam 2 that launches cannonballs. Or the gun that shoots dogs from Duke Nukem Forever.
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    What word do you most overuse?

    Mine would definitely be "savage", most commonly in the general exclamation "Pascal Sauvage". Also, when playing CoD, "murkage".
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    Poll: Which toilet seat is the worst to sit on?

    Warm is clearly better, cold buttocks are horrible!
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    Favourite musical genre.

    I like pretty much everything under the rock banner, but I grew up with MTV and pop-punk and am still very much into the pop-punk and emo. Simple and energetic, perfect for my simple mind.
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    Unsung games...THAT WE SWEAR BY!

    I have! Also MDK used to keep me occupied for days on end, classic game.