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    Have you ever fought with a friend to the point you never talked to them again?

    My sophomore year roommate and I got along really well. End of the year, he stole my project and I learned on the last day I was accused of plagiarism. I took all the evidence I had and I got it sorted on my end. No idea what happened to him. He added me on steam over the summer after I removed...
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    Zero Punctuation: Elite: Dangerous - Space Truckin'

    Finding myself oddly enjoying space games off late... Started with FTL so will probably pick this up. Also "Longer than Anita Sarkeesian's list of grievances" LOL
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    Since launching 20 years ago in December 1994, what's your favorite PlayStation memory so far?

    Tied between every single moment in crash bandicoot 2 and getting falcon armor in megaman X5. Switched to PC gaming after so that's about it
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    Dragon Age: Inquisition Maybe it's just me, but...

    I too got bored as hell until I came across the first dragon in the hinterlands. I was well under leveled but I still attempted it. Got it down to 25% after which it literally rained magma on me before I realized what was going on and I died. The game came alive for me after that. That fight was...
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    Getting bullied for playing games?

    Well I did get judged by a couple friends in college because I chose to stay in and game rather than go out with and drink at a shitty frat party where they drank piss water beer and got absolutely no where with the ladies (not that I would either but better staying in and gaming than all that...
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    Anita Sarkeesian states that sexism against men is impossible

    Is she retarded or is it just that she feels like she's not getting any attention? I'd really like to sit down and have a civil discussion with her. I really do. I want to see for myself if she can keep a straight face or if she's genuinely is this deluded.
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    Zero Punctuation: Dragon Age: Inquisition - Fantasy Commander Shepard

    Kinda disagree with the graphics part. Running it on ultra on a PC and by god, it is gorgeous!
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    Arrow - Worth Watching?

    Pretty good show. I wouldn't really try to go out of my way to get into it though. If you're really bored, just binge watch the first season and it should be enough to get you into the rest. Its good enough for me to look forward to the episode after work.
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    Star Wars' "Black Stormtrooper" to Critics: "Get Used to it"

    The leads a storm trooper ...? D: Hopefully he becomes like mace windu or something
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    Your 'WOW!' moments in gaming

    Out of curiosity, what card and what framerat? I'm upgrading shortly so I want to know if this is what my games will look like soon :D
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    Your 'WOW!' moments in gaming

    -Crash bandicoot on the PS1. For its, I think it had some pretty amazing graphics and of course, the gameplay was also awesome. -Skyrim. Being primarily an MMO player, skyrim was the first game outside of an MMO that just devoured time without me noticing. -World of Warcraft. Dont think I've...
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    Grats, you won the lottery.

    invest half of it so the money doesn't lose value over time and go to culinary school. I like food :)
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    Your idea of game journalism

    Anything like the old the old school pc gaming magazines with screenshots, walkthroughs, and the occasional CD full of game demos.
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    Dragon Age Inquisition: Worth Buying?

    Crashes on high level computers isn't that much of a minority tbh. A lot of issues with the game right now. I'm still running a two year old 670 and that should by no means have any issues with running DA but it still crashes. My other games started to crap out a little after installing DA as...
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    Dragon Age Inqusition: Denuvo DRM apparently liable to destorying SSDs

    Idk what exactly DA:I is doing to my SSD but its doing something to my PC. Crashing every 45 minutes. I have a relatively powerful PC too. I also know its not any malware because extended amounts of Dota 2 doesn't seem to be doing much. Wonder if this is an nvidia thing.