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    Poll: Would You Push The Button? (Moral Dilemma)

    What happens if you have no living next of kin/immediate family? does it kill your close friends? a random person? a pet? If it was random people I would want to know if I could press it more than once. (Heck I'd press it for 100k$.) If it must be my family members I wouldn't press it because...
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    Why can't games of different platforms play with each other?

    It's because when you play multiplayer on say Xbox 360 you are using Microsoft's servers for at least matchmaking and sometimes for hosting of games. Because you are going thru their servers on some level they do not want you to be able to connect with others on other consoles because then...
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    Poll: Men only subject - do you shave?

    I shave every 2-4 days, head, face, armpits only leave the eyebrows and the eyelashes. (Cant shave scalp every day or I would.)
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    How will your name live on?

    Odds are, it wont. My life like many is just one as another cog in the machine. Sorry if this depresses anyone but honestly unless something extraordinary happens, my life like most of the rest of the masses will only leave limited effects and when my loved ones and those I have effected...
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    Poll: Masturbation and you.

    1. Male 2. Typically 14-21 times a week. 3. No, never have. 4. No more than usual, used to be higher when i was in my teens. 5. Haven't done it in such a way that it would make me last longer, I am more aware of when I am hitting my limits. 6. Decreases focus because of increased amount of...