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    World War One's Battlefields, Still Scarred A Century Later

    Indeed. But apparently, we are not done yet, more cities around the world need to burn and more blood must flow : D Makes you wonder why the people in charge don't get tired of it.
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    The Periodic Table of Storytelling Re-Released With New Features

    not everything is a trope. [] Also great that he expanded on the original table, really missed the link feature.
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    Cliff Bleszinski Labels Notch a "Pouty Kid" - Updated

    while I agree that Notch is not acting based on perfect financial interest (since he can afford to make these decisions based on his standards/interests), this claim is a bit uh..."steep". He already HAS a large user base, and there's not that many gamers left to miss out on. Second, this...
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    EVE: Valkyrie Confirmed As Oculus-Exclusive Launch Title

    exclusives sacrifice their number of sales to increase the sales of the system they run on. (let's ignore that this doesn't sound very right mathematically, but is exactly what happens) Why would you try to further boost the popularity of the OR? everyone already knows about it, and is either...
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    Windows XP Support to End on April 8; ATMs at Risk

    while I do not like your "secure by default" argument (as I think that's a very hypocritical thing to say, since it all depends on what you do with a system), I must of course agree that they should probably take an OS that is not bound to run out of support eventually, has better upgrade...
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    Video Shows Steve Jobs Demoing the First Mac Way Back In 1984

    now that is an impressive find. also "high definition" "crisp graphics" the more things change....
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    Stephen Hawking Claims "There Are No Black Holes"

    Nothing changes, it's just popular science throwing words around. Black holes are still things smaller than their schwarzschild radius (that means they are smaller than the necessary size for their gravity to allow things with the speed of light to escape - contrast event horizon, where NOTHING...
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    Gabe Newell Gets Ignored on Reddit, Posts "Selfie" to Prove Identity

    I remember that. Also let's not forget his statement of
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    NSA Building Quantum Supercomputer To Crack Encrypted Data

    $80 million for a conceptual computer you cannot even program and control in usual/reasonably understandable ways? please, pour more money into that, because this might as well be the fusion generator of this century. EDIT: after reading some articles on wikipedia it seems that they actually...
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    Fallout Games Yanked From GoG Due To Rights Issues

    It really boggles the mind why they hate FREE MONEY so much. Their selflessness and selfsacrifice are of legendary proportions, I tell you. They must be true heroes or something. ... I still want to buy and play those games, damn it.
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    Minecraft Mad Genius Uses Redstone to Create 3D Color Printer

    ......He spawns creepers to clear entire sets of blocks up? What has this all become?!?
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    Smash Bros. Brawl's Project M Mod v3.0 Released - Adds Roy, Mewtwo

    Aaand no PAL port. and ther I thought about trying it... Oh well, they might come around to that in time. Apart from that it's coming along nicely, haven't heard about it for some time and it's good to see that they finally finished the original characters.
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    Do people enjoy being unhappy?

    We certainly love to hate : D but we also love to love, so... I guess it's about the balance and equal amount of emotional attachment/feedback so one doesn't lose their sense for what's good and bad.
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    Clockwork Empires: A Steampunk Descent Into Colonial Cthulhu

    I checked, it's some new CSS feature that allows for animations. Pretty nice. AS IS THE GAME.
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    Dark Matter Developer Blames Lack of Money For Lack of Ending

    I don't quite get all the hate this now gets. sometimes a project is too ambitious, and while they could have worded it better, they still tried to sell their game anyways, in a desperate attempt to not have wasted all that time for nothing. I agree on quite some points that were made as well...