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    Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Delayed to August

    I didn't have a problem with their preorder thing. I don't know why people jump on kickstarters but complained about a preorder for the game. Except that people love thinking of Kickstarters as investments, like a pack of morons. But that's gamers, the dumbest demographic there is. I think...
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    Twilight Princess HD Confirmed For March 4 Wii U Release

    Just wish it was getting a PC release. I mean, I have a Wii U... but those graphics already look dated. But I'm sure I'll buy it, because it was the last Zelda game that I really loved. It honestly felt like Nintendo was ready to mature the franchise. They listened to fans who...
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    Disney May Ban Leia's Gold Bikini From All Star Wars Merch

    Had sex with my wife last night while she was wearing this outfit (well, the cheap costume equivalent of it) She bought it on her own.
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    Uncharted 4 Will Have Microtransactions at Launch

    Microtransactions and 30fps. Nice, way to go, Naughty Dog. It's bad enough one of your employees thinks its misogyny and hate speech to question certain "feminists"... I remember they were very insistent this would be 60fps. I am so disappointed in this generation of consoles. I...
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    GOG Crits Again: Adds Seven More Dungeons & Dragons Classics

    Huh... never knew a Dark Sun game(s) existed. I ran a 4e Dark Sun Campaign for a couple of years, that was sorta unceremoniously rushed to a confrontation with the Dragon of Tyr because we wanted to move to 5th (and also I was getting sick of having to pay monthly for the DnDInsider sub). I...
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    Miyamoto Wanted Goldeneye 007 To End With Handshakes

    I forgot there was a time where Nintendo games were mature. As someone who grew up playing Nintendo games on the nes/snes/n64... I wish Nintendo grew up with me...
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    Dub-Stepping Violinist Lindsey Stomp Earned $6 Million Via YouTube

    It would be nice if she'd bother playing in venues that aren't crowded and cramped. Well at least in Boise. Her first tour year, she skipped Boise, second year came to the god awful Knitting Factory. It was crowded cramped, and other people were assholes shoving themselves in front of other...
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    Pee-Wee Herman is Going to Play the Penguin's Dad (Again)

    Holy fuck was my mind just blown, because I never knew that was ol' Spankmaster himself, Peter or Paul or whatever Reubens. And I just watched that movie like 6 months ago.
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    Xbox Boss More Focused on Regaining Trust Than Beating PlayStation 4

    I was never interested in the Xbone and that comes from having owned 5 different xbox 360's (went through quite a few back when I had a lot of disposable income...) I saw the end of the 360 cycle turning it into less of a gaming machine and more of an entertainment rig. An entertainment rig...
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    "I Could do With a Bit More Money!" Says Shenmue 3 Creator

    Growing up, I seriously thought that they were offering a product called "TheSallyStruthersSpokeAbout". I think it wasn't until I was like 15 when I was like "Oh, the information THAT Sally Struthers spoke about." Not something called The Sallystrutherspokeabout. Also, "learning the...
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    Kobold Press Is About to Unleash the Tome of Beasts into Dungeons & Dragons

    Is it me or are their reward levels not clearly written? Like "LAIRS PRINT + PDF" I dunno, just a nitpick I guess. I just think the level should say "Book of Lairs" Anyways, I'm interested for sure, loving 5e.
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    Return of the Jedi's Slave Leia Bikini Sells for $96,000

    The guy who bought it probably owns an actual slave who will wear it. And I'm a little jealous. And will laugh at the irony when she murders him wearing it.
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    BattleTech Kicks Butt, Reaches Kickstarter Goal in 53 Minutes

    I wish people would stop conspiring to take my money away
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    Fallout 4 Eliminates Skills From Character System

    IIRC, Fallout 1 this didn't matter, but in Fallout 2 it was gloriously implemented. Not only was a 1 INT character barely able to speak, but people treated you entirely differently. The village elder, to a normal character "You must venture out, find Vic, find Vault 13, save us all, Chosen...
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    Batman: Arkham Knight Will Return to PC Stores... Soon

    I'm interested, but knowing it was a shit show from go, well, I'm holding out until this rolls under $10 bucks on a steam sale. I got plenty more to tide me over until then.