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    Favorite Villain Lines

    "This is not war. This is pest control." "You are superior in only one respect. You are better at dying." - Daleks "Humanity is a plague; a swarm of clever monkeys which the good earth cannot support. All human civilisations fail, and for the same reason; humans are too greedy. It is time...
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    Poll: Do you want Wheatley back?

    Nope, I think he should stay up there. In my opinion, his story is finished. It was a great and interesting story, written and voiced well, but I consider it to be over. I'd much prefer a new character if Valve ever decides to make Portal 3.
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    Poll: Should I buy Killzone 3 multiplayer $11

    When I tried it, it was a ghost town. Very rarely would I get into a match with one other person, let alone the full complement. It might be different if you aren't in Australia (not sure if that was the problem, but it could be), but I'd recommend trying the demo first.
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    Poll: Necromancy morality question (edited)

    Seeing as necromancy's actually possible, I'd most likely be a necromancer. So I wouldn't need his help to raise the army of undead. If I wasn't, however, I'd accept his help. Of course, I'd keep him under guard to protect him from the citizens if they got cross, plus they could kill him if...
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    Poll: My Computer is dying on me....

    The only reason I have a MacBook Pro is because it was a gift. So unless you're being given one, I'd recommend something else (no idea what, though.) Actually, I do really like the OS. Although a lot of that like comes from it being Unix based. And the trackpad is the best I've ever used. Plus...
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    Fallout/Elder Scrolls Misc. Item That Completes Your Character

    I have this marvellous straw wide-brim hat that I found in a house somewhere in Fallout 3. I fell in love with it and now I wear it everywhere, and it has become a large part of my character. It doesn't have the best stats, but I wear it anyway, simply because I like it. That's one thing I...
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    Poll: Can you touch your toes?

    Oh yes. I would need to chop my toes off, but I can still do it. Without the removal of toes, my Scheuermann's disease and long legs prevent it.
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    Upcoming games you're excited about!

    Basically just Bioshock Infinite. And maybe Assassin's Creed 3, if it sounds like something I'd enjoy. Not many at all, and with quite a wait. Oh well, it'll give me time to play those games I missed.
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    Poll: What's more annoying, a blocked nose or a runny nose?

    Definitely the blocked nose. If I get one of those, I still produce the same amount of snot, which then goes down my throat. It is not a pleasant feeling.
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    Poll: Should i trust eBay

    I'd say not to trust anything on eBay unless the person you're buying it from actually has what you're buying off them and has a good rating. Seeing as it's a preorder, they can't have it yet, so I wouldn't trust them.
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    Mass Effect 3 will be incomplete

    My understanding is that he will still be in the game, but the DLC will allow him to be part of your squad and give you an extra mission (or more). Someone from Bioware also said that they started making the DLC after Mass Effect 3 had gone gold. This means it's not using up the development...
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    Poll: Console Gamers: How far do you sit from your screen?

    Basically as far as I sit from my PC; about 25cm. Seeing as my TV is slightly smaller than my monitor, I have no problem with it. I have no reliable data on a safe distance, but there's a recommended distance for monitors, so why isn't it the same for monitor size TVs? I don't watch much TV...
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    Poll: Do you think that morality is something that should be applied to sex?

    Yes, morality applies to sex. If it wasn't, it would get very nasty and we wouldn't have all these laws about it. As for the "sex only after marriage being moral", it's just a different set of morals. I happen to think that sex is a special thing that I only want to experience with one...
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    Black March: Could You Pull It Off? Would you Want To?

    If I were to preorder Mass Effect 3 now, would that be ok? Either way, I'll do it. Not sure how many others would, or how much of an impact it would make, but I'll still do it.
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    They said that they had been "Working on it for three years." Does that mean that Brotherhood and Revelations were side projects, or are they counting them as iterations? Either way, I'll probably get it because I love the gameplay.