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    Ghost Recon Wildlands open beta starts tomorrow, PC, PS4, Xb1 (FREE STUF!!)

    The AI is thoroughly frustrating. Comrades seem dumb as hell. Died more than a few times to people they wouldn't shoot despite being prone at the enemy's feet. Good luck defending, and storming places with them. I don't expect them to do all the lifting, but I want to not feel alone out there...
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    Death battle: lara croft vs nathan drake

    Yeah, Lara was basically a shoe in to win. Old Lara fought gods. Hell, reboot Lara basically fought a goddess, and who knows what at the end of the second game. Nathan relies on luck, and spends time in dramatic escapes from what I understand. Lara goes into combat not liking it, but coming...
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    If you could make any NPC the protagonist of their own game, which?

    In honor of the new Read Dead game being announced, the woman from this mission. I still haven't forgiven R* for having absolutely squandered her in Red Dead Redemption. She has a unique look, an actual personality, a back story, a gun (A powerful early game one, too), I imagine the skills...
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    #149: Out of the Frying Pan

    Mystery mystery~! Where's notsephiroth? He vanished! To what ends? But there's so much awesome going on, too.
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    Question: Anyone else find Star Trek online complex?

    I just started playing on the ps4 release. My answer? Not really. There's some learning curve though. Right now I just kinda play it, and do what comes natural. I do okay until right around before I get my next ship. The most complex, confusing thing I know of is trying to do the...
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    #145: Gloat Time

    Dang, would have liked to see her rampage a bit before the boss fight. Strike some fear into enemies, see them run, explosions, etc. This is good, though.
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    #143: Correction

    That's hot.
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    Poll: Favorite "Survival Horror" Resident Evil?

    Outbreak, easily. Character select that mattered, and the characters were diverse,and not boulder punching super human, unlockable characters, zombie elephant dong in file 2. 2 biggest memories were the end of the first stage, carrying every gun my friend and I could get then blasting...
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    Is Cheerleading a sport?

    There's cheer-leading competitions. Looking at how high the bar's been raised, it's also extremely dangerous at times. I'd say it is, at least in some elements. It's definitely worthy of respect in my book.
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    Wonder Woman and Jusitce League official movie trailer

    Looks like DC will beat Marvel to make the next female led super hero movie. Now the question is how good will it be? I mean there's not much of a history of these sorts of movies. I liked Tank Girl since the cast really helped, but still. I'm kinda bummed, though. I thought there might have...
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    What's keeping the West from making DOAX style games?

    They tried. Not R* specifically, though. BMXXX, Outlaw Golf 1 & 2 (And I'm pretty sure Blockbuster had a special Xmas version), Outlaw Tennis. The Man game. Leisure Suit Larry may or may not count. I largely blame the uptight western world. FCC, and all that. That and I dunno, the west...
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    Fallout 4's new DLCs a bit lore-unfriendly?

    Near as we can tell the Sole Survivor is a master fabricator considering the ease settlements go up, and how quick things can be torn down. Technology can be reclaimed, and re-learned. Humans can figure it out again, especially with the head start they have. No one has to rediscover vault...
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    Poll: The 3DS - Definitive, Must Play Games

    No argument here. I like my 3rd party charger, though. It lets me recharge my 3ds through usb ports so I can use the cable in walls, or car lighter usb ports.