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    Zero Punctuation: Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

    Wow Yahtzee, you must really be hurting for a Tripple A survival horror experience. I doubt LMDM really scratched that particular itch.
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    No Right Answer: Best Non-Marvel/DC Comic Property

    joss Whedon's FRAY. It's a Slayer in the future. End of debate.
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    Miracle of Sound: Dream of the Sky (BioShock: Infinite)

    Ken Levine and Co worked their asses off to make Infinite a worthy successor to Bioshock so to have you endeavored to make this a worthy successor to Little Sister and you accomplished it brilliantly. This is a great song so full of depth and complexity. I was afraid to watch it he video lest it...
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    Sam the Man - Pt. I

    He also wanted to make Thor when they offered him Spider-Man. I think he would've made a memorable film but Brahna's version was an unpredictably perfect fit and lynch pin of the Mrvel connected universe so I'm glad the chip fell where they did.
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    The Big Picture: Trolling The 90s

    I had a Cornelius Stone Protector when I was a kid and I picked up a Streetshark from a yard sale. They may have all been gimmicky cash ins chasing the Ninja Turtles runaway success but it was far back enough in time that crass consumerism seemed quaint.
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    Jimquisition: A-LIE-ns: Colonial Marines

    So, other than the obvious financing rationales, why make such a great proof of concept and then not prove the concept? Did they blow through their budget making the demo? If so, they may as well have just released the demo, included a final sequence against the Queen and then sold that for like...
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    Miracle of Sound: The Best I Can (The Walking Dead)

    I loved every second of TWD. It is a rare gem not just in gaming but narrative story telling in general, even the show has lost a bit of bite in the shadow of my time with Clem and Lee.
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    Jimquisition: Only The Lonely

    Journey was a brilliant example of how to create engaging multiplayer in a uniquely singular experience. When I beat it I had no idea that I had Journeyed with eight different people. I suspect the immersion was better achieved because it limits your interaction to one button to signify location...
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    The Big Picture: You Are Wrong About Sucker Punch, Part One

    I loved and will always love Sucker Punch for all it accomplished and even just having the guts to "try". It's a real shame that it was so poorly received because now Snydernhas been pigeon holed as an adapter and it's unlikely Hollywood will give him a second shot on an original story for quite...
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    The Big Picture: Depth of a Salesman

    I will miss it too Bob, but if a NP App appears I won't be remotely surprised.
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    Escape to the Movies: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

    I missed the after credits gags but I didn't want to say anything.
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    Miracle of Sound: Life In Bullet Time (Max Payne 3)

    You captured the style of HEALTH quite well in the intro.
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    No Right Answer: Best Time Machine Ever Part II

    The best time machine is the TARDIS. it will always be the TARDIS, it has always been the TARDIS if that ever changes, the Doctor will go back and fix the change. Mind you I'm named after one of the most loyal companions in the history of the. Series (Adric) so I'm a tad biased.
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    Miracle of Sound: Silver and Steel (The Witcher 2)

    Another great song as expected. Your goal of reducing repetition is coming along nicely.
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    Bless This Mess

    Structurally it sounds like a blend of Super and Falling Down Nd if it's even half of what those movies were I am totally down for the bloodbath and body count.