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    Question about a Wheel of Time plot point (Potential spoilers)

    umm after a quick look at the recap of what happens in what book, they all run together a bit, i think what you guys are talking about is more book 6 and 7 the finding and use of it. in book 8 they are holding onto it more as an insurance policy. the bowl has been used, but its yet to be...
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    Let's Swap Noob Stories

    first game i ever played was super mario land. there was a girl from japan at our school and she was having a birthday party at her house. im not sure if it was a uk game boy we were playing on or one her parents had brought over from japan either way it was new and no-one had played one before...
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    Wheel of Time TV Series

    umm i think it was around the 7th or 8th book, its after his night of drinking with birgitte. its never outright called rape and it played very much for laughs its not so much done for the shock value more to illustrate just how dominant the women of ebou dar are but still it is what it...
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    Wheel of Time TV Series

    hopefully they will take out or change the mat rape scene and the response from the rest of the people to it. that might make the internet explode the way people overreact to stuff these days. i could see it being very cgi heavy thing to make what with the trollocs, ogier, magic and whatnot...
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    "Just a prank, bro", or serious child abuse?

    well i slept at a slight angle last night so my back is killing me and my hip always hurts in the cold weather so its put me out of sorts while i take your point i was meaning more the people around you not so much the bullying itself. i didnt word it very well. if you are bullied at...
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    "Just a prank, bro", or serious child abuse?

    i would say even if you just take all the things they do and put them to the side for the moment. what about that kids school life. he has multiple vids on youtube of him freaking out crying etc. the odds are they all know about it. all it takes is one of them to find out and they all will watch...
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    5 Journey to Un'Goro Cards That Could Already Use a Nerf

    yeah its that it affects every minion they play. you look at the druid quest it only works on the ones still in your deck and any that get shuffeled in there or discovered dont get the bonus. its too much compleat quest instant crazy board for my liking, at least other quests have a bit of a...
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    8 Terrible Journey to Un'Goro Cards You Should Never Play

    yeah king mosh feels like a good counter to massed jade golems or maybe some big play with the druids new quest. it depends if control warrior can make the cut in the new metta but for one extra card and two mana you get a twisting neather and a 9/7 on the board to help deal with anything they...
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    A primer on scottish jargon?

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    Zenimax May Seek an Injunction to Halt Sales of the Oculus Rift

    while im not exactly an expert on these sort of legal cases. i think this is a counter play to get occulus to pay up the settelment and move on. you always hear about these cases going on for ages with appeals and counter suits and whatnot, but as you have said its occulus vs the vive for...
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    Prepare Your PC for Battle: For Honor PC System Requirements Revealed

    wait you need a 760 or a 970 for max? is that the wrong way round or was there a power downgrade from one gen to the next
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    Turtle Rock Studios Ceases Evolve Support, Updates

    maybe with the bad reaction the first iteration of the game got this was to put as good an opinion of it into peoples heads as possible, then if they stuck around and kept playing to slowly add microtransactions
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    All Remaining One Night in Karazhan Cards Revealed

    i dont think its ment as hostile removal, its better used to trigger deathrattle cards or take out a powerfull card that is about to die and then run the moat lurker into something the turn after and have it resummoned as new.
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    Blizzard Addresses Overwatch Summer Games Controversy

    umm the pool of items might be small but its only 1 guaranteed per box im not sure what the chances of getting a second are but the rest of the items are still the normall bits. secondly you cant buy what you want with credits thats kinna the point and why so many are pissed off. if you...
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    Blizzard Addresses Overwatch Summer Games Controversy

    i dont get why they dont just make it buyable with coins after the event is over. if you want it now pay for boxes if you are willing to wait and have already bought a load of boxes pick them up in a few weeks. or maybe even when you dust an item if its event item you get special even coins that...