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    Escapist News Now: NSA Spying on Gamers - Microsoft Responds

    Could the NSA at least try to appear helpful and root out all the gold sellers to put an end to them? No? There goes my dream of a spam free MMO.
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    Poll: Transhumanism: How Far Would You Take It?

    There isn't much (yet) that I see as worth replacing of my own body beyond the organs that are damaged. Then again... I wouldn't mind something like a neural jack to I could type as fast as thinking, bypassing slow and clumsy fingers. I just don't want a full immersion interface for movies and...
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    Microsoft Vows To Fight Government Spying Via Kinect

    I wouldn't trust Microsoft to hold onto the data gathered from Xbox users. It's already being sold to advertisers and the government can easily use any number of "legal" excuses to override anything Microsoft may have in place. Not only that, but who's to say that the government wouldn't harass...
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    Xbox One's Reputation System Locks Harassers Into Their Own Hell

    It could work well if there's a system to say exactly why a person if being voted down so it can be reviewed. If it turns out that the same person is down voting lots of people who haven't broken any rules, the voter would then be bumped down for abusing the system or maybe even starting the...
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    CT Senator: Games a Factor in Sandy Hook Shootings

    Severely mentally unstable and not being treated, whether because he was avoiding the help or it wasn't really being offered/pushed his way. Being unstable and prone to violence should be addressed just as much, of not more than, how much of what games a killer played. Cracking down on...
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    PRISM - Where are all the protests?

    I think part of the reason there aren't many protests over PRISM is because of how quickly law enforcement will go to extremes to break up said protests, even if the protest had all the permits and wasn't causing harm to the area. Can you blame people for staying home when other protesters have...
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    Gaming, Media, Boobies and Poorly Thought-Out Responses: Oh My!

    Sexualization of people (or things or even animals) as well as glorifying violence will be here for a while, but that doesn't mean gamers have to lay down and take it. Sex and violence in games is popular because those are the kinds of games that used to sell the most. Remember games about golf...
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    So what ISN'T allowed in video games now?

    As far as I know, it's sex and anything where kids aren't being happy go lucky little snots. I don't know how often kids are shown being used for slave labor in gritty games, but that could be from the modern thought that kids should never do such dangerous things like cleaning around working...
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    Poll: How would you punish a rapist?

    This made me think back to Buffy the Vampire Slayer where Spike had a chip put in his head that would cause him pain any time he tried to hurt a human. If only there was something in the real world that could do the same thing, but triggered whenever rape is involved. The person could be...
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    Games that you stopped playing because of other players.

    Just about every MMO. PvP is either dead silent or people screaming at everyone else for not knowing what to do. Raiding is full of people obsessed with the best gear and best spec and memorizing everything, rather than using skill and teaching newcomers the ropes. RPers... Drama. Drama everywhere.
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    Fetishes you will NEVER understand

    Scat and vomit are things I'll never understand as a sexual thing. Someone taking a dump anywhere but the toilet is like a dog or cat that won't take to house breaking, not to mention the smell even without being stepped in or smeared around. Someone puking makes me think they ate/drank...
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    Would you date a former cheater?

    Assuming I was single, I'd be hesitant to get into anything serious with someone who has cheated multiple times recently. They can say they want to change, but they could have said that same thing to others. We could be friends, but more than that will take time and trust.
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    Do daily multi-vitamins really do anything?

    It only does anything useful if your body isn't making/getting enough of something naturally, either because of a very poor diet or some medical condition screwing things up. I had to take multi-vitamins for a while because of medical problems, but once that cleared up there was no reason for...
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    School vs Massive Mohawk.

    So... Just go to school without spiking the hair? It may look silly hanging down, but foot-long spikes of hair is also silly when used to give The Man the middle finger.
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    Poll: Homeopathy

    I tried "home" cures for some problems I had, and they only got worse. Guess what? When I saw a doctor and figured out what was wrong and then got REAL medicine, things actually got better. Funny how that is...