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    Ex-BioShock Devs' The Black Glove Shelved

    if only they would have made something people wanted they would have gotten funding *cough*system shock 3*cough*
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    Will this rig run games well?

    the CPU is on the weak side for planetside 2. i have an FX 8320 (8 cores) and planetside 2 doesnt run above 40 fps in large battles because of cpu bottleneck. all the other games you mentioned should run well
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    Valve Ends Steam's Controversial Paid Mod Program

    you guys need to stop worshipping gabe newell as a god. he has made it clear he doesnt give a shit about us anymore, only about the money we give him. Just because Valve removed the paid mods doesnt mean they are saints now. Let this be a reminder to those of you who say "All Hail GabeN!" And...
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    Mentally challenged characters in video games.

    i think my favorite mentally challenged character is max hass from Wolfenstein: TNO. hes basically a giant toddler that can soak up bullets and flatten nazi's
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    What's the biggest thing you ever had spoiled?

    one of my asshole friends told me about the ending of halo 4 when i was going to buy it
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    Best Original Videogame Lore?

    definitely the Halo series. the books and games have so much back story and lore behind them that theres so much information about everything in the games, like how master chief is essentially the essence of a clone of the didact before the rings were fired the first time. halo 5 is probably...
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    NEWS: Rust Randomly Chooses Players' Race For Them

    I think this is pretty cool, but ive already been seeing complaints on the facepunch forums about users getting called racial slurs because of their characters skin color
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    Star Citizen is BIG

    meh it will only take me around 2 hours to download it if i payed for it. i get a constant 104-6mbps connection which equates tovaround 12.5mb/s
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    Your Single Biggest Disappointment Gaming Wise.

    My biggest dissapointment is probably planetary annihilation. we were promised a full campaign and story but all we got was a galactic conquest sort of game mode, along with only a fraction of the promised units available at launch. the game is so far from what was promised that it has less...
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    PC gamers won't have to pay for Xbox Live

    games for windows live was basically xbox live on pc and nobody had to pay for that. console gamers didnt complain then, i dont think they will complain now either. Microsoft knows that on PC they cant get away with subscription fees on their live service anyway. And about 'reimbursement' for...
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    Ripoff Games That Became More Famous Than The Original.

    candy crush saga and its countless clones are just a rip off of bejeweled
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    Five Nights at Freddy's 3 Suddenly Appears on Steam

    this release seems by far the laziest of all te games, it looks nicer sure but its so insanely short and easy that there is no challenge. not to mention the lore is extremely lacking.
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    That one part of Geek culture you never got into

    never got into star trek, i hate anime and i dont read comics. i also never got into doctor who, but i do love stargate. I guess im mostly just into gaming and scripting
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    REPORT: "Game Length = Dick Length" says The Order: 1886 Developer

    Saying game length is equal to dick length is such an idiotic comparison. If I were to spend 60 dollars on a game it better be worth the 60 dollars I spent on it. I spent 10 dollars on garrysmod and I have 4350+ hours over 5 years of playing
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    Starmade = Space Engineers + Minecraft + Huge Galaxies (and it's FREE!)

    I have played this game a bit in the past, its pretty fun but I don't recommend buying it unless you have a great PC. It lags when there are lots of ships on the screen