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    Poll: Mage, Thief or Warrior?

    I like barbarians and bows, so Warrior or Thief; depending on specific mechanics and campaign setting.
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    Marvels Jessica Jones is just extreme feminism and blaxploitation (Spoilers)

    I can "forgive" some of your previously mentioned crap because of typical biases and not understanding the genre (it's noir, by the way,) but now you're just making shit up. The series had nine directors, seven of whom were male, and four of those nine directed two episodes each. The writing...
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    Go to hell, 2K. Sincerely, every Australian on Steam

    Ummm, XCOM2 is going for $60 American on Steam. I don't know why you think it's so expensive.
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    Bioware, Please Make A Plus-Sized Female Dragon Age Character!

    I don't know her exact measurements or how old (or editied) that photo is, but most retailers mark "plus size" starting as low as Size 14. Some start as low as Size 10. The median size of women in the USA is Size 12. I do believe she's Canadian, however, so "plus size" might begin at even...
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    GOG > Steam?

    Your issues with FFVII and FFVIII might not be with Steam. I still have to log in to Squeenix's servers if I want to play on my computer. I wouldn't be surprised if Squeenix's DRM was the problem.
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    Spider-Man Joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe - Update The only version which borrowed from the Ultimate line was Fury. You clearly never read Orson Scott Card's Ultimate Iron Man; and Cap is not the flag-waving, America-first jackass he is on the page, either. Interestingly enough The Hulk does borrow slightly from his Ultimate version...
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    Why the Marvel Movies Should Ditch Peter Parker

    First off, Captain America: Civil War is (so far) only borrowing the name. We have no idea how much of the original storyline is being adapted; if any at all. The Russo Brothers previously teased William Burnside, though I could just as easily see John Walker. Everyone assumes "Civil War" has to...
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    Poll: Should feminists be involved with anime mediums?

    Yes you are generalizing, and you're not doing yourself any favors here, either. You have refuse debate. You have resorted to self-puffery. You have even yet to even say what specifically the conversation was about; leaving us with little else beyond the fact you "savagely insulted this person...
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    Legend of Korra: A Fantastic Finale With a Perfect Ending

    The entire series felt rushed. Reducing each season order from 20 episodes down to only 13 means a lot of development has to be curtailed to fit the new runtimme. Each season also dealt with very specific threats; none of which tied together, not even tangentaly. It's a VERY different series...
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    The Downside of the "Marvel Effect"

    Honestly, I think Spider-Man deserves a break from the big screen. He's been in 5 movies over the last 12 years. And if he did return to the big screen under Marvel then I'd like it to be in a partnership with Toei. A reboot (soft or hard, it doesn't matter) of Supaidaman would be a wonderful...
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    Disney Princesses Get Sorted in Harry Potter-Themed Art

    Yeah no that's not it. The issue here is, in a 24-hour news cycle, the amount of news in a given day hasn't actually increased; so it needs to be filled up with this.
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    Jimquisition: The 100% Objective Review

    This week's video was both a terrific walk down memory lane and a fantastic case study on why objective reviewing is a horrible idea.
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    Am I a Gamer?

    *Edited for content. It doesn't matter what kind of game you play, and avid video gamers have lost sight of that fact. If your grandmother weekly plays Bridge with her friends, then she's a gamer. So are all the kids in the "tabletop role playing" club at school. Even physical athletes count...
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    Poll: Bayonetta 2: "Sexy" done right

    How very lazy of you. I could make a joke here about letting the man do all the work but I'm sure you wouldn't react well. In that case you are resorting to misdirection which doesn't your position any favours. Also, LOL "hypocrisy." If I was an Austrian, muscle bound, male adonis with...
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    Poll: Bayonetta 2: "Sexy" done right

    Again that's assuming no-one finds power sexy and trying to cut sexy down to a generic set of attributes which while possible due to variously psychological things for guys (though still not 100% accurate) is far harder to do for women. Essentially for men round hips and big boobs are seen...