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    Domino's Tests "Drone-Delivered Pizza" in New Zealand

    Better not live within 5 miles of an airport, cause it's completely, 100% illegal to operate a drone within the vicinity of an aerodrome without express permission. It's Amazon drones all over again
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    Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast - Lightsaber Beats Blaster

    Was it Outcast or Jedi Knight where if you found all the secrets in the level it'd reward you with Force Upgrade points? I remember that breaking the game a bit if you were diligent in your searches in the early levels you'd be overpowered before the game even gave you a lightsaber
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    Fallout Shelter Finally Gets an Android Release Date

    Ok next question! Does that include Amazon Kindle Fires? Cause they've got their own weird ass version of Android and I find it's hit and miss whether something will be on the Amazon store
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    The Escapist Reviews LEGO! The Naboo Starfighter

    I love you for writing LEGO correctly every time. I die a little every time somebody writes legos
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    The Americanization of Doctor Who - For Better or Worse?

    This and a thousand times this. By far the best episode of the last series for me was the episode on the train. It was fantastic not just because they locked Clara in a room she couldn't get out of for half an hour, but because it had the Doctor out-thinking an adversary instead of the usual...
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    Mash-Up Sculptures Mix Iron Man With Aliens, Gundam and More

    I think it's a riff on Spidey's Future Foundation outfit
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    Mobile Game Does Not Commute Sells Checkpoints In Paid Version

    You're not Chie, it felt like it needed a "Sponsored" tag. I think it is genuinely just meant to be an article along the lines of "LOOK! Someone got a paywall right for once!", but because the correct paywall method has to be linked to a positive sounding game it sounds advert-y.
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    Realistic Pokemon and Digimon will Weird You Out

    Well you're the gift that just keeps on giving aren't you :D
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    Realistic Pokemon and Digimon will Weird You Out

    Sweet. Thanks. Here's hoping for another Digimon World game
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    Realistic Pokemon and Digimon will Weird You Out

    I wish Digimon was still a thing. Always preferred the Digimon World games to the Pokemon titles. Ah well.
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    Sid Meier's Starships Review - Touch the Sky

    Have to say I've had a lot of fun with Starships. It's not Civ but then I really don't think it's trying to be. Ace Patrol with spaceships. Dual Command is a totally broken Wonder though as once you have it any fight becomes a complete cakewalk no matter the difficulty level, particularly if...
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    Movies that everyone you talk to seems to think are bad but you think are actually pretty great.

    "Josie and the Pussycats". I know it's a bad film but it's just delightfully camp throughout. Plus it has Missy Pile and Parker Posey chewing scenery and a soundtrack that I still absolutely adore. How can you not respect a movie that decides to make a plot point and sly nod out of it's product...
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    Where are the Escapist Podcasts?

    Mixed news for me. Yeah the tabletop podcast was pretty much the Magic the Gathering Podcast but I really enjoyed the Movies and TV and the Science and Tech podcasts, and Comics could be fascinating in that Comics Are Weird kind of way. Ah well. At least the podcast is continuing is some form.
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    Ultima Underworld Successor Heading to Kickstarter Next Month

    When he's done with this could he have a go at remastering System Shock? Pretty please?
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    Escapist Podcast: 166: Game of the Year & Biggest Disappointment

    As a massive Civ fan I do feel Beyond Earth gets unfairly maligned. Is it as good as Civ V or IV? Hell no. Is it as good as those games without their many expansions? Hell yes, it's loads better (Well, maybe not Civ IV). Is the difference in Affinity levels you talk about any different from when...