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    Feeling sick after not eating for 14 days

    Are you trolling?
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    Poll: Now the drought is almost over, what 2015 games are you excited for?

    Fallout 4 I CAN"T WAIT!!!!! Also Sword Coast Legends, I'm going to play it with a friend so that will make it even cooler
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    Please Understand

    Them feels...
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    Batman: Arkham Knight Pulled From Steam Until Issues Are Resolved

    Seems like some companies want to make some easy earned money with our hard earned money. A big 'fuck you' to EA, Ubisoft, WB and the likes, from me. And they wonder why people pirate their games. Demos are free and these guys' games are usually no more than demos on release day.
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    Everything We Saw During the Sony E3 Press Conference

    Last Guardian looks awesome, but it seemed to me that while running, the camera rotation + character control can be a little weird. Looks like it can cause a few stupid deaths :)
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    In Witcher 3, Size Matters

    I'm just shocked that I'm at page nr. 3 and the discussion is still about racism. Way to piss on this guy's article
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    Halo 5 Drops Split-Screen, Requires Xbox Live Gold for Online Co-Op

    Sorry for posting here as a PS4 owner, but being in the same boat I just wanted to say that I don't even know why the hell I bought a second controller...I really wonder...
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    Why did BioWare not do a good job with DA: Inquisition?

    Because of dumbing down games for a much larger audience. In the end, money is important to any company. Dragon Age Origins felt like a game made for a smaller audience, for a more serious fanbase. The differences between the two are many, but I'll just give combat as an example. DA:I is more...
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    Zero Punctuation: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    Complaining about too much content? That seems a bit far fetched :) . You can finish the game on a moderate difficulty without even having to enter the alchemy screen.
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    Should people lose access to a game because of how they act?

    Is this something new? I'm not 100% accurate on the subject. What is so different from this and being banned from MMO's for example (temporary or permanent), for being an asshat, something that exists for probably at least 10 years?
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    Poll: Would You still Early Access / Pre-Order a game today?

    I preordered Destiny. That was the last straw and my game purchasing mentality changed 180 degrees. Enough said
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    Why Completing All Objectives And Finding All Secrets Are Meaningless

    I completed a shitload of sidequests in Dragon Age Origins, because finding their location by reading codex stuff, that gave only slight hints, was pretty awesome and I felt like I actually DID something ( loved the ones from Circle of Magi with the summonings) . I did not, however, collect any...
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    What's the most boring game you've aver played?

    For me it was WoW.
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    Time to put the Two-Weapon Limit Out of its Misery

    I really don't see how the game being on a console is an excuse. At most, it seems like a lazy excuse. PS4 controller has a freaking touchpad. You can't tell me you can't use that. D-pads, Wheel-style weapon select (GTA 5 anyone??) . So what's the real excuse? Realism..most likely. And I for one...
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    The Order: 1886 Review - All Out Of Steam

    "What we were teased was steampunk monster hunters, with Nikola freaking Tesla on staff, using their weaponized scientific contraptions to dispense with mythological terrors in an alternate history, turn of the century London. What you really get is shooting at rebel humans almost exclusively...