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    Sci-Fi sport name idea?

    I'm writing a science fiction story and am including a new sport in it. It is like a cross between Rugby and football (soccer) and enhanced with magnetic propulsion and robotics. Think of it as a violent, high contact futuristic sci-fi sport where players are encouraged to hit each other with...
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    Need epic music, seriously.

    There already seems to be a lot of epic music posted here already but may I suggest some of Kerry Muzzey's music? : The second one starts out slow but has the feeling of building tension until near the end when it all explodes out.
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    Poll: Do you often use public transport?

    I have a car so I really have no need to rely on public transportation. Also, much of the public transportation we have here in the States are kind of gross. Once when I used to ride the bus to university (before I had my car) a hobo brought and spilled his beer all over himself next to where my...
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    What are "African-Americans" called in your country?

    I always rather disliked the politically correct terms. I think it would be better if Americans are referred to as American instead of trying to distinguish people by their skin color. Also, most "African-Americans" i've talked to say black. Many if not most "African-Americans" grew up in...
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    Poll: Why do you (not) eat meat?

    I like meat because it tastes good and is a good source of protein. I will try to avoid certain kinds of meat sometimes if they're too fatty or greasy. Greasy meat will sometimes make my stomach upset.
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    Poll: Dogs! Which would you want?

    I have a german shepherd so I'm biased toward having a german shepherd. My reasoning is that they tend to be smart, strong, loyal, and good family dogs.
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    Poll: How do you feel about interracial marriages?

    I am a product of interracial marriage. Frankly I don't see why it would be deemed wrong. If anything, it can help unite people and destroy stereotypes and ignorance of other cultures.
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    Ah, the miracle of life. BURN IT WITH FIRE!!!

    I read the title of the video and I thought the same thing. I don't know why anyone would want to watch anything give birth, much less cockroaches...
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    Poll: Paying for dates

    I voted sometimes because I figure that if a guy cares about a girl then he should offer to pay for her meal (if he can afford it). Otherwise, if he doesn't even offer, it makes him look kind of inconsiderate. Whether or not she accepts is up to her. Heck, she might even offer to pay for the...
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    Calling all single people, what are you doing to survive the 14th?

    I kind of forgot the 14th was Valentine's Day, so I all I really did was play Skyrim.
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    Is punishing a kid consider abuse?

    Is abusing a kid considered punishment? No. The two are not the same.
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    Poll: Would you become a Ghoul (fallout)

    In a game, sure that might be kind of neat. In real life if something like this could happen after a nuclear apocolypse, no I don't want to be a walking corpse. I'd rather be a cyborg or something neat like that in Fallout anyhow.
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    How did you have sex?

    It's funny, because after I read this and looked at your avatar I felt kind of creeped out. As for me, the answer is I haven't. Simple and true.
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    Poll: Reality and Movies - How Many People Can Swim?

    That sounds kind of extreme... I think I'll stick with having my hands and feet free when I swim.
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    Poll: Will Bethesda's next big title suffer in sales because of Skyrim's notorious glitchiness?

    I just got Skyrim and haven't had too many buggy experiences, not yet anyways. I have played some of Bethesda's other games and know what you're talking about but frankly I believe the games are worthwhile and fun despite some bugs. Personally, I've actually had more bugs with some of Valve's...