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    Kinda sexist? Would you change it? How?

    And the problem is...? I do not get this 'issue' at all. A story is a story. You are well within your rights to create a movie about black people killing all white people on earth. And that would be totally fine. That would not be racist. Or well, the black people in the story would be racist...
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    Nightmare Warning: Monstrous Spider Creeps up on Scientist

    I would suppose it is because of an evolutionary mechanism. Spider with venom hurts/kills, therefore spider bad -> normal human reaction to seeing spider = scared. And a healthy dose of "mommy/[insert other people from environment while growing up here] is afraid of spiders therefore I have to...
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    New Stargate Movie Trilogy Coming From Original Creators

    I'm sorry but the original Stargate movie is not canon. If they are going to ignore the entire Stargate franchise and come up with some 'original' bullshit continuation of the bad movie that spawned the actual canon universe then no one needs to watch it, really. This is just fake. I mean...
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    Growing Public Apathy on Climate Change Topic Worries Scientists

    People have other, more immediate worries on their mind rather than long term changes (no matter how big those changes might be). I guess that's how humans work. Plus we have the media who report everything wrong, from greatly exaggerating the effects of global warming by taking the worst case...
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    Game of Thrones The Lion and the Rose Breaks Torrent Records

    I don't understand, HBO must not like money because they still haven't created a streaming/vod service outside of the States.
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    Speed Runner Beats Ocarina of Time in Less Than 19 Minutes

    Glitches are used even in 100% runs.
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    Speed Runner Beats Ocarina of Time in Less Than 19 Minutes

    If beating the end boss/completing the final challenge and getting the credits rolling is not beating the game, then what is? Having to play an arbitrary percentage of additional content? If I take all the warp pipes in Mario and skip 80% of the levels have I not beaten the game? It doesn't...
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    Speed Runner Beats Ocarina of Time in Less Than 19 Minutes

    Speedrunning is finishing the game as fast as possible using any means possible within the scope of the game. Glitches and bugs fall into this category. Memory hacking for example would not because that'd require outside interference. And besides, performing most of these glitches is damn...
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    Don't Recommend Me an Anime

    I second this. I would not recommend Berserk to anyone even though I found it to be one of the best animes I've ever watched (up until the ending). The ending is the biggest mindfuck you'll ever have and if you dare to touch the manga to see where the story goes you'll be scarred for life.
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    Major Changes In Youtube Involving Let's Players

    The thing is, it isn't their hobby! Being a channel like TB or AngryJoe means you have to commit 100% to making that content. It is only fair they get paid for producing entertainment. This isn't about a random dude making shitty ass videos for 1 hour a day after school in his mom's basement...
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    So why is it offensive to consider homosexuality as a choice?

    Seems a good idea to me to 'choose' a sexual orientation that will get you shunned by many in western countries and beaten or even killed in the rest of the world. That fact alone is enough to throw the "you chose it" argument in the trashcan.
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    Zero Punctuation: The Cave

    Once, when I was still a little human, a great man (the tour guide of an underground cave system) told me the following piece of wisdom: "Stalactites hang because titties hang.".
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    The Big Picture: Frame Rate

    Saw 3D with 48 FPS yesterday. I have never seen such a beautiful thing in my life before. I have no idea what people are seeing, but what I saw was a realistic looking, clear and extremely beautiful movie. I normally go to the cinema less than one time a year, that might have something to...
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    Jimquisition: Dumbing Down for the Filthy Casuals

    The argument "They bought it so they have a right to the content." is exactly as it sounds. You, however, used it incorrectly. You bought the game. All the content is there within your grasp. You have the right to the content. But if you are too inept to make it over the challenges presented in...
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    Can Graphics get much better?

    They can and they should for games where it adds value (FPS's for example).