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    What do you think are the most overrated video games of all time?

    The Last of Us, without hesitation. People heralded it as the "Citizen Kane of video games", yet it's just another linear zombie shooter with an utterly predictable plot.
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    Do you like love and Romance in video games?

    In its current state? No, not at all. Video games, to put it plainly, just suck at romance. Even if you got the best romance writers in the world working on a game, I think the nature of video games themselves ensures that it won't be well-received by most players. This is because, when it all...
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    Bioware GM Says Mass Effect: Andromeda is "Totally Softcore Space Porn"

    I might be excited about this...if Bioware's female character designs weren't so damn ugly. I often wonder if that's just incompetence on their part or if they're pandering to feminists.
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    Mass Effect: Andromeda goes Gold

    Still don't have high hopes for this game, after ME3 and DAI. The protagonist is still far too much of a Mary Sue for my liking, and the character models are incredibly ugly, though I'm not sure how much of that is intentional and how much is due to Bioware's incompetence.
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    Bioware: Mass Effect: Andromeda Multiplayer Will Be Entirely Optional

    So they're marketing the game's MP by emphasizing that the player doesn't have to play it. Okay....
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    Tracer from Overwatch Confirmed as a Lesbian.

    What I find utterly hilarious is that people are assuming Tracer is a lesbian. She's never expressed disinterest in relationships with men, and she could still be bisexual (a bit grasping at straws, I admit, but since many shippers grasp at straws themselves to claim that their favorite...
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    The Last of Us Part II (Part Deux?) reveal trailer

    Oh joy, yet another movie...errr, "game" from Naughty Dog.
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    Favorite SCII Campaign

    Definitely Wings of Liberty. All the campaigns were pretty good, at least in the sense I was able to finish them without feeling like a chore. Raynor however always felt like the most likable protagonist, and the Hyperion felt like the best home base.
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    So Mass Effect Andromeda...

    Not looking forward to it. I'm still pretty disillusioned with Bioware over ME3, and nothing I've seen about Andromeda has given me much confidence. -The new galaxy setting feels like a useless gimmick to avoid addressing the elephant in the room, namely, the ending of ME3. I also won't feel...
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    Do you remember Haydee? [NSFW....I guess?]

    I'll always be the first to defend sexualized character designs in video games, but that particular character just isn't doing it for me. A few reasons: -Her outfit is completely covered from the waist up, and pretty much naked from the waist down. That sort of clash in her outfit makes it...
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    Hi-Rez F2P Shooter Paladins Takes Steam by Storm

    Even if this game is an "Overwatch clone", so what? "Clones" are how new genres are born and improved in the video game industry. Many early first-person shooter games were called "Doom clones." Many early sandbox/open-world games were called "GTA Clones". Many Action-RPGs have been called...
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    Poll: Favorite Warhammer 40k faction?

    Orks. They're basically an over-the-top faction in a setting which itself is already over-the-top.
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    Mass Effect - Andromeda's Main Characters Are Brother And Sister

    I bet whichever one the player doesn't pick will either die in the first ten minutes or turn evil and fight the player at some point for some contrived reason. Bioware is getting so damn predictable...
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    What are your thoughts about World of Warcraft: Legion?

    Loving it so far. Already leveled to 110 and the endgame content is excellent. Artifact weapons are a great addition. What I really love though are class halls. They're all highly distinct for each class and unlike garrisons, you can actually socialize with other people of your class. They're...
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    No Man's Sky Disappointment

    Sounds a lot like Destiny to me - good concept, bad execution. I predicted this a while back. Don't know whether to feel disappointed or smugly satisfied about that...