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    Blizzard "Objects" to Playing Overwatch with a Mouse and Keyboard on Console

    What frustrates me most about this is that they complain about how KB+M isn't how console Overwatch is supposed to be played but at the same time all the patches/hero changes they make are tailored for the PC so what do you want from us? Yeah, I think it's a jerk move for people to use KB+M...
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    8 of the Best Video Game Endings of All Time

    I'm also chiming into to throw S1 of Walking Dead into the fray; it's okay, I'll take out Infinite - I thought the ending was terrible compared to the rest of the game. Then again, I think trying to connect Bioshock to a story about time-space travel and shit and alternate universes is cheap and...
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    Overwatch Kicks Off "Year of the Rooster" Celebration

    Capture the Rooster is fun... the first couple of rounds, then it gets stale and ends in a lot of draws (at least for me on PS4) - at least it's the one instance where no one gives me shit for playing as Junkrat 'cuz a trap on the point is actually pretty useful. Speaking of Junkrat though -...
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    Blizzard Says D.Va Nerf Gives Her "More Legitimate Counters"

    I'm not gonna say I'm not glad she's getting nerfed again already but there are a couple other things I'd rather see first. Liiike taking Hanzo out the game orrrr giving Junkrat's RIP-tire an extra 50-100 health so that it can be used as an actual Ultimate and not a lazy distraction for people...
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    Zero Punctuation: Let It Die

    I was wondering if he was gonna do a review on this game - I've seen it everywhere (at least around the places I frequent) and I'll admit I fell into it pretty deep for about the first week or so it was out before I realised "waaaait a second". My first thought WAS 'oh so it's like Dark Souls...
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    Zero Punctuation: The Last Guardian

    I almost called it quits on the part with the diving, too. I'm glad I'm not the only one that had trouble with that. That aside, I really did enjoy the game, if for no other reason than I knew what I was signing up for when you have a young kid and a giant pet - lots of patience, frustration...
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    See Spider-Man in the New Homecoming Trailer

    I find myself saying this with almost every movie Robert Downey Jr. is in. People give Thor 2 crap but at least it didn't have Stark in it. Maybe I'm just bitter because I hate Tony Stark. In any case, this already looks better than almost anything from Amazing Spider-Man. I like Michael...
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    Let it Die is Now Available for Free on PlayStation 4

    You can efficiently sum the game up as "slightly less frustrating Dark Souls", which... I don't think I was expecting. And the second mid-boss is one of the worst things I've ever seen in any game ever. But this is coming from someone who effectively hates the Souls series so this probably...
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    Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Announced

    I'm glad to see Chloe get more screen time. I was hoping for more Sam but this works, too. Maybe Nadine might actually get some comeuppance this time instead of just stealing stuff and peace-ing out like last time.
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    Overwatch Takes Home GOTY At The Game Awards

    Seconded in a heartbeat. I friggin' loved that game. OT: Yeah no, I also don't think Overwatch should've gotten GotY, which I realise is subjective - I would've given it to Uncharted 4 but I'm biased and I do think single-player is better than multiplayer though so that's just my input...
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    Telltale Announces Guardians of the Galaxy, Coming in 2017

    I might be part of a minourity but I reeeeeally didn't like TTG's Minecraft. The dialogue felt rushed, the story was clunky, I mean... it was aesthetically nice but everything else was just... shoddy in my opinion. I'm also maybe a little bitter because-- Oh thank god someone else already...
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    Overwatch's Sombra Hero Officially Revealed

    Yyyyyyeah from initial information, she seemed incredibly OP - I hate characters who specialise in taking away what makes other characters unique - but now that we know more about her (more or less that she doesn't really affect my two or three mains), I'm not really bothered by her anymore - at...
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    Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice Review - Disorder in The Court

    0/10 no more Simon Quill, won't be buying. No but seriously, if the writing is so weak then that's a problem because there's a LOT of writing in those games. It was also pretty cringe-y because... I dunno, it's hard to put my finger on.
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    Do We Protest Too Much?

    Protest? Nnnnnot necessarily. Complain? Yes. Yes, people complain about EVERYTHING nowadays. Am I exempt? No, I still whine about wanting specific Overwatch stuff. But, I mean, people just FIND things to complain about and it's a level of ridiculous to the point of hilarity. Shirts? Seriously?
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    Latest Overwatch Ban Wave Results in Some Hilarious Complaints

    Aye, there's several colour-blindness modes in the options depending on which spectrum you need - it's growing increasingly-popular in multiplayer games (Borderlands 2 rings a bell for one of the first that I can remember). It's actually kind of fascinating for non-colourblind people to see how...