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    How 'silly' is Divinity: Original Sin?

    Ok, I'll probably get it at some point, thanks to all who responded.
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    How 'silly' is Divinity: Original Sin?

    Hello, just a quick question about D:OS. My only previous experience with the Divinity games was with Dragon Knight Saga. I thought it would be a somewhat serious game when I bought it, but upon playing it I found it was more akin to the Fable games. Silly dialogue, that one rhyming wizard with...
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    I'm a huge RPG fan but I have run out of games, could you help please?

    How intense are the system reqs. for that game? I've been looking at it for a while, but am on a lightweight rig (for now).
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    Soul Calibur: Lost Swords - No Multiplayer Due to "Pay-To-Win Model"

    Foolishness aside, what really gets me is how exactly would one have a pay-to-win model in a game that is (more or less) based on skill? I haven't played since SC:3, so did they add items that change stats since then or something?
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    Far Cry 4 Will Take You to the Himalayas in 2014

    So the villain is Patrick Stewart's evil twin (faaaaabulous) brother? Should be interesting enough I suppose.
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    Games that suprised you with their quality?

    For me it would be Tales of Maj'Eyal (ToME 4). I bought it thinking it was just another indie rpg rogue-like, which have become rather popular lately. The big variety in classes and play styles, the killer soundtrack, and great game-play were not things I was expecting.
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    Movies that are actually BETTER than their source material.

    M. Night's 'The Last Airbender' I mean obviously. *rolls eyes* In all seriousness, gonna throw my vote in with The Prestige as well. Great movie.
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    Most Frustrating/Hardest Boss You Have Ever Defeated

    Probably Rakanoth from Diablo 3 on inferno difficulty, which is really sad because he's little more than a miniboss. Then again, he has a tracking one-shot kill gap closer that activates if you get to far away, and a tracking one-shot melee attack that he does when you're close, and he summons...
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    Season's Beatings

    That is one obese Charizard. Definitely one of my favorite critical miss strips, though I have to wonder if those kids will be catching any of the other holiday mascots. I imagine the Easter Bunny would be like chancey on steroids.
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    So what will you be eating this holiday season?

    Rabbit stew with mash and peas. Mmmm. Probably followed by a icebox cake.
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    Arcanum: Let's Try Again Please!

    Ah, gotcha. How silly of me. I'll have to give it another shot I guess.
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    Arcanum: Let's Try Again Please!

    I played that game a while back. It started out promising enough but after clearing out a cave with some ghost who asked me to track down his wife for whatever, I started to walk through a forested area and kept walking and walking and walking, and it never seemed to end. There was nothing to...
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    Would you date your avatar?

    Rusty sword golems are violent lovers. Or so I hear. He probably wouldn't even bring flowers.
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    Transporting a PC.

    Thank you all for the info. I'll shop around and see what I can find.
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    Transporting a PC.

    Hey, I'm currently debating between getting a new desktop or a new laptop. The PC obviously has power/price in its favor, while the laptop's portability makes it good for a student. So my question is, how does one transport a desktop properly? I hear that it can be kind of risky, especially...