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    Please help an old and starving gamer

    original fallout games, balgur's gate 1, planescape torment. I haven't played tides of numinera but I hear good things.
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    Arcade-y Alternative to World of Tanks

    Hey guys, My Partner wants to play Recoil (1999 - PC) but can't seem to get it working so I'm looking for alternatives. I suggested world of tanks but she said it's not the same. As far as I can tell the main difference is that Recoil is very arcadey and is single player. It controls...
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    Do you dislike Joel?

    Yeah, who's Joel?
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    What Amusing/Bizarre Lifestyle Do You Want The Royal Baby To Have?

    Go to Eaton, Go to an Oxbridge institution, Join the military. Mine's pretty realistic. Nah bro, everyone who's in line for the throne is well aware that they are. You'd have no difficulty finding people showing you exactly how they're the true and rightful heir. It'd be Harry's kids...
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    Poll: Yo grammer nazis, help you're boy out.

    They can also be for elaboration, although they are commonly only used for lists. That said, go with the comma. Unless you have a punctuation-mad person marking it you could possibly get away with the semicolon and appear more educated, as most people are afraid of them; I'm a fan though of...
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    Travel to hostile countries.

    How is it offensive. Untrained people can have guns in some parts of the country. From what I've heard from US citizens I've met, that's most of the country. I'm not saying "All Americans have guns." nor am I saying "People with guns are lunatics.". I'm merely stating that I find the gun...
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    Poll: A Rant About Emulation!

    That's why I asked for a summary. People are allowed to reiterate points they've made elsewhere in the forums. That's what (s)he'd be doing. Also, I recall (Gavin) Miracle of Sound posting his videos here and not being given any grief for it. Now he's a legit content creator. That said, he...
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    QC: Emily's Peas

    That's kind of Questionalble Content's thing.
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    Poll: Modding is EXTREMELY important in games. Agreed?

    I can't tell which is supposed to look better. The top one is all blurry, the bottom one doesn't look great either but it is much sharper.
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    Poll: A Rant About Emulation!

    Due to the mod edit, there's no discussion value in this topic any more. Swishdude, can you please edit in a summary of the video?
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    why my life is awesome

    I work for an hour, three days a week. I'm self employed. I am a pretty good student. I receive scholarships from my uni and the government as well as student allowance from the government every fortnight. My GPA is above 6.5 (7 being the highest possible), I'm in the process of applying...
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    They're* OT: I use to have one, I don't anymore. I had spare clothes, ration packs, a can opener, those three colour grease paint tubs for camouflage, antibiotics, water purification tablets, bic lighters, mirror, knife, rope, and like 10 pairs of socks. If I had one now it'd have a...
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    Happy Conception Day! :D

    They have an anniversary every year.... -.-
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    Travel to hostile countries.

    They weigh the risk and reward and obviously think the risk is worth it. I'm sure the case for many people is they think there's no risk (they don't think about it from the perspective you presented). As far as travel to hostile countries, it applies to anywhere dangerous. I am genuinely...
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    Happy Conception Day! :D

    You have just realised that your birthday is 9 months after one of your parent's birthdays or their wedding anniversary. I was 9 months after Christmas/New Years/My Dad's birthday. My sister was 8 months after my parent's anniversary. (She was premature).