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    127: Slimlining

    I have no problem with the slimlining of an old console to lower prices and help sales. BUT, I do have a major problem with the current gen version of slimlining, where there is a new or tweaked version of each console every couple months. It is ridiculous that my particular xbox 360 is only the...
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    116: Information Complexity and the Downfall of the Adventure Game

    I understand and somewhat agree to the points you make in this article, but plenty of counter-arguments can be made. like some people have already commented, while text gives you a small amount of objects you can interact with, you may spend a long time and plenty of typing figuring out HOW...
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    Zero Punctuation: Tomb Raider Anniversary

    You are my new favorite thing on the internet.
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    Zero Punctuation: BioShock

    In defense of bioshock about a point that you and every other reviewer complains about.... The vita chambers only make the game too easy if you CHOOSE to play the game like that. In Bioshock, we are given two options to deal with death; We can accept the free rez if the fight is too...
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    Games That Deserve Sequels

    Eternal Darkness:Sanity's Requeim :(