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    The Big Picture: Leave Michael Bay Alone

    I love giant robots, dumb jokes, and over-the-top violence. Leggy models filmed at low angels while draped over sweet rides are a plus. Michael Bay is the biggest name around making a type of movie I should adore, and they're all absolutely terrible. It doesn't matter to me what Bay's films...
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    The Divide

    Dude, first sentence: The Wikipedia article on narrative themes [] gives that "...a work's thematic concept is what readers 'think the work is about.'" Though Mr. Hocking did not specifically use the word theme while coining the phrase, he...
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    LoadingReadyRun: Giving It

    I could really go for a peanut butter and ham sandwich right now but I don't have any bread.
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    ME3 Extended Cut Are You Appeased *Video Spoilers*

    I don't think the extended endings can be called good, but they are a bit less awful. I was amused by some of the subtle changes though. Thought you could slip the modified Normandy crash scene in without anyone noticing, did you BW? I guess "clarification" wasn't enough.
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    Zero Punctuation: E3 2012

    If Master Chief wore a top hat in Halo 4 and Hitman redid the nunsassin trailer with burly men, I would buy both games on day 1.
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    EA Aims to "Broaden" Dead Space Audience

    Starchild: I control the Necromorphs. They are my solution. Clarke: Solution? To what? Starchild: Chaos. For all the people who cannot understand EA's thought process here, the all-or-nothing mindset was born from the successes of two [] games...
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    MPAA Changes Tune on Megaupload, Sort Of

    The MPAA might as well offer people their files only if they can be conjured by a genuine wizard.
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    Syndicate Never Stood a Chance

    It's an unfortunate truth that belonging to a franchise makes any media sell better even among people with no knowledge of the series. Publishers take generic shooters and slap on whatever name they have lying around in hopes of boosting exposure and sales. This made me laugh. I wanted to...
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    Fallout Fan Takes On Bethesda's Lawyers

    It's nice to see the number of people defending Bethesda and rationalizing their actions drops with each new case of dubious legal bullying. Gamers might start standing up for themselves yet.
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    Mass Effect Fans Stand By Child's Play

    This was my first thought as well. Mr. Holkins actually lied, or at least misrepresented facts, to the detriment of a group supporting his charity. Considering how much I respect the PA guys, that is rather disappointing.
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    Critical Horror Story, Amy, Patched

    Once they iron out the bugs, redo the visual effects, rework the camera, redesign the levels and change the core mechanics, AMY will be great! I'm certain this patch will sort all that out.
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    Rumor: Next PlayStation Coming in Late 2013

    People love Steam so much because it offers advantages in addition to those restrictions. I can access my Steam library from any computer. Steam backs up my saves and offers great deals on games I might not have tried. Also, Steam doesn't require stable internet to play games. This rumor posits...
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    Silicon Knights Boss Says Used Games Drive Up Prices

    That is one of the two main issues with Dyack's argument. The second is that used games are not to blame for the lack of longevity in sales. Shamus Young posted this interesting article []...
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    The Big Picture: Mutants and Masses

    The whole "fans don't own the art" thing keeps popping up even though it's stupid and has very little to do with the reality of the ME3 controversy. If BioWare changes the ending in response to fan backlash, that's on them. Fans will always loudly complain whenever anything upsets them. Hell...
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    BioWare Supports Beleaguered Writer

    You should let this go. It's a discussion of language and wording but Agente L is clearly not that adept at English. This argument will never end.