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    You have been sentenced to die... No really..

    I'd liked to be launched into the Sun in a well-furbished capsule. I take a sedative before impact and if all goes well I will become one with the Sun and conquer the universe.
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    Ever feel sorry for the enemies you've killed in a game?

    I felt bad right at the end of the Darkness when they show a little montage of Jackie going completely berserk at his Uncle Mob Boss' troops and as they lay dying and afraid, they recognise you and plead with you. No other enemy in the game does that, and there's one pathetic man who's impaled...
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    Games that make you feel lonely

    The honking great monster trying to throw me off its back was the thing that made me tense about Shadow of the Colossus. The gauge increases with every colossus and there are collectibles in the environment that you can hunt down which expands your grip gauge. It was a concern for me as well...
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    Games that make you feel lonely

    Shadow of the Colossus doesn't make me feel lonely, it makes me feel cold. If you've seen gameplay videos with a timer at the top then that's only in the Time Attack mode, which you have to beat the game to unlock. Nowhere else in the game are you under any kind of time pressure or any real...
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    To all you Non American English speaking people out there

    I'm from Scotland and I have heard people that sound like the Demoman, but only when they're yelling at a football match. Since that character is defaulted to "yelling Scotsman", I think it's okay. No Scotsman says "there you fine dandies go", however, but that's more to do with writing than...
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    Watch Indiana Jones Play Uncharted 3

    In the ad it's not on because he was probably given a primer on what to say, but in the six minute footage you can see the red LED on the controller is lit up.
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    My First Kiss... And It's With Another Guy.

    If you enjoyed yourself, pursue it. If you didn't like what happened then find a way to stop it. You seemed to enjoy yourself, so just sit down, have a think because it's probably a lot to take in and consider where you want to go with it.
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    Project Zomboid Derailed By Burglary

    It is a sad story around Project Zomboid since it started development and it is borderline tragic that they were robbed after all that. Some people just have no luck. But they did not handle this situation well. Swearing and yelling at the people trying to troll you will just increase their...
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    Is the PS3 version of Batman Arkham City "superior"?

    Different versions are reviewed by different publications, you wouldn't see an Official Playstation Magazine review in the Xbox 360 average, and these publications probably gave different scores which would affect the average. The Steam support for the PS3 only affects Valve games, all other...
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    Poll: How many on the Escapist dislike anime?

    Never really got into any anime series fully, but I enjoyed watching Fairy Tail subs on YouTube. I don't even know if it was good or bad, but it was ridiculous and fun with almost no restraint, something you don't see much of in Western Animation.
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    Sony Erects Online Pass Barrier Around Uncharted 3 Multiplayer

    The only people that Sony are "screwing" are people who buy used. If that is the the case, don't buy used, buy new. When I buy anything used, and that includes hardware and such-like, I don't expect it to be fully featured, I expect it to be slightly inferior. A scratch on the case or maybe it...
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    Fox Threatens Simpsons Cast: Take Pay Cut or Die!

    I used to love the Simpsons so much but I have to say, I would love to see a Simpsons grand finale. Just a perfect send-off to the Simpsons. I hope they do something nice if they end it... not how it seems to be going. With a whimper instead of a bang.
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    The New Steam Killer?

    It's a bit naff at the moment, but I just got the Deus Ex Human Revolution Special Edition for £1, so it's there for when it improves a bit.
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    Misanthropes: I don't get you.

    I'm no misanthrope, and I really dislike the whole "humans are evil" thing. Some humans are bad, some are good. Most are in the middle somewhere. Anyway, misanthropes have no business on an internet forum if they truly dislike people that much.
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    Best Games of 2011 Nominated by British Writer's Guild

    It's also set in post-apocalyptic New York and the main characters are a burly wild man and a young tech expert. I very much doubt that the ancient Chinese epic had anything like that.