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    THQ Nordic is Teasing Two New Games That WIll Be Revealed at Gamescom

    I don't care if it doesn't fit, I'm still holding out for Space Marine 2.
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    Rumor: No Single-Player DLC Coming for Mass Effect: Andromeda

    Like I needed another reason not to buy that game... I don't like to think about the endings too much. My headcanon ends along the lines of '...and after killing Tim, there was a big battle on and around Earth. Some stuff happens, the Reapers are dead, and Shepard might be.' Andromeda...
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    Report: Mass Effect Put on Indefinite Hold

    I'm glad. Ubisoft are killing Assassin's Creed, and Mass Effect has too good a universe and too happy a memories for me to be trampled on year after year. I hope they'll revisit it in some time, perhaps with a remaster of ME1. It hasn't aged very well in my opinion.
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    The First Total War: Warhammer II In-Engine Trailer Shows Off the Lizardmen

    Great. I really don't think CA deserve as much flak as they're getting for this franchise. It's about time Warhammer Fantasy got some love, especially after the way GW shut it down.
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    #137: Smaller

    ...I only just realised that the hair in the last panel makes it look like she has angelic wings.
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    #135: Crisis Core

    This is supposed to be a dramatic scene I feel. Althea's face makes it impossible for me tot take seriously. Well done.
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    Poll: What can't you walk away from

    I've heard Wellington get a lot of flak, and I personally admire Ney more. Why Napoleon in particular?
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    First Total War: Warhammer Patch Brings Blood Knights, DX12 Support, and More

    Well to be fair, it's not exactly easy to implement in a game as CPU-heavy as a recently released Total War.
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    Most beautiful spaceships in fiction

    I understand it's not exactly a pretty vessel, but in the interest of not parroting anyone else I'm gonna go with a ship that may surprise people. The Red Dwarf is, to my mind, one of the best fictional spaceships, simply because it actually looks like a spaceship instead of some kind of...
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    Frequent Overwatch Match-Quitters to Pay a Hefty Price

    I understand Blizzard wants to make the game as pleasurable an experience for its players as possible, but all these articles on how seriously Blizzard is taking cheaters and leavers is making me think they're desperately trying to be taken seriously in the face of people either not taking them...
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    Update: Call of Duty - Infinite Warfare Pre-Orders Are Incredibly Low

    Let me just clear one thing up: Usually I wouldn't give a shit about skin colour, but making what I thought was the protagonist a POC when a white (European) guy would make far more sense in context felt like selling out to me. You're jumping to conclusions again. I thought the guy on the...
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    Update: Call of Duty - Infinite Warfare Pre-Orders Are Incredibly Low

    You're ignoring what I said earlier. I think it'd be great if we had more non-white protagonists, but I simply don't think this is the best setting for it. American troops didn't join the war until 1917, and if the protagonist was European the game could be about the entire war, start to finish...
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    Update: Call of Duty - Infinite Warfare Pre-Orders Are Incredibly Low

    Whoah, friend. You're making a massive and incorrect leap of logic there. I'm not afraid of different perspectives, it's almost impossible to use the internet without coming across them. I simply think a soldier from the 369th Infantry Regiment is not the best perspective, considering the US...
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    Update: Call of Duty - Infinite Warfare Pre-Orders Are Incredibly Low

    Because that's my point - I'm not saying there were NO black soldiers in the first world war, and if the protagonist was black in a game set anytime later I would applaud it. Too many white dudes with no personality aside from being gruff and burly in FPS games. But the vast majority of...
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    Update: Call of Duty - Infinite Warfare Pre-Orders Are Incredibly Low

    It's weird, because my stances on these two games are entirely reversed. I haven't played anything from these series since the first Black Ops, but Infinite Warfare has gotten me interested. I'm genuinely interested in the story, and space fighter combat/zero-gravity combat is something I'm...