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    8 Great Simpsons Chalkboard Gags

    8 Reasons Gamers are Still Dead Ya'll
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    8 Zero Punctuation Videos You Should Have Already Watched By Now

    8 Great Ideas for a Top 8 List 8 Great Movies With the Word "Blue" in the Title 8 Characters Nolan North Voiced That We Can Remember 8 Video Games That Should Be Made Into Broadway Plays 8 Things Mass Effect: Andromeda Got Right 8 of the Most Anticipated Games of 2017 That You'll...
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    8 Video Games That Deserve Movie Adaptations

    1- Jurassic Park/World 3- Alien 4- Immortals, also as you mentioned Clash of the Titans 5 & 6-As much as I enjoy RDR and TLoU, their stories and plotlines are almost beat for beat ripoffs of The Proposition and Children of Men respectfully. 7- Blade Runner/Ghost in the Shell It's been...
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    New Agents of Mayhem Trailer Features Johnny Gat as Magnum P.I.

    Hey Volition... uh.., you know...umm... Saints Row 2 was great, still IS great in a way... um... So could you just, you know... uh... make that again again with, uh better graphics and controls, and maybe add in a couple of new things like- AGENTSOFMAYHEMPRE-ORDERNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWW!!!
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    Ubisoft's Skull & Bones Will Also Include a Story Campaign

    The game will ship on two discs: Disc 1 : Multiplayer Disc 2 : Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
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    Square Enix is Looking to Sell Off Hitman Developer IO Interactive

    Unless if Sqeenix can pull a billion dollar rabbit out of its ass with those ventures, I doubt they'll want to keep the IP for long. The only reason for Sqeenix to keep the Thief license is as a placeholder for other more bankable IPs. Given the publisher's current track record of overblown...
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    Square Enix is Looking to Sell Off Hitman Developer IO Interactive

    #FreeTHIEF Come on Squenix, just do it
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    Call of Duty WWII Releases November 3, Watch the Reveal Trailer Now

    I wrote this post as a joke back in May 2016 on the announcement of Infinite Warfare Just kill me.
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    The Live-Action Ghost in the Shell Now Has a Trailer

    I cannot remember the last time I was genuinely excited to see an upcoming block buster film, and this doesn't change that. Yes, the film industry at large (especially Hollywood) has always been more focused on making money than making creative and engaging works of art made by passionate...
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    Furby Movie Announced - No joke, Just Sadness

    To quote an American treasure, movies make me want to be dead.
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    Wolfenstein: The New Colossus Teased Again by B.J. Blazkowicz's Voice Actor

    Its hard not to read that quote of his in anything other than a grizzled macho whisper.
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    Poll: Internet/Wi-Fi: Increase download speed above 10Mbps? Lowest cost, preferably free?

    Howdy do. I live in a ground floor apartment in Florida with my family. Our network is hooked to our smart phones, tablets, game consoles, laptops, PC, and smart TV. Rarely are all devices being used at the same time, but nonetheless our internet usage is pretty high, in my opinion. We...
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    Darth Vader Will Make an Appearance in Rogue One

    I remember Darth Vader! He was in STAR WARS! TAKE MY MONEY!!!/s Out of all the possible stories you can create in this huge fictional universe, why this? We know how its gonna end, so why bother?
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    David Cage and Quantic Dream Return to E3 with Detroit: Become Human

    With that many polygons, this is sure to be the video game with the most emoshuns ever made, in all time, ever.
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    Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Officially Announced with New Trailer

    Call of Duty is done for. In one go, they went to outer space and remade the most popular game in the franchise, the two biggest warning signs that they have no more ideas for the series. Could be good if not passable, but like Super Mario Galaxy, once you go to outer space, where else can...