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    Poll: ROFL

    If it makes your life any more content, underneath the joke option, there is a "sometimes" so now you can have an in between option.
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    Poll: ROFL

    Oh, I'm aware it's a metaphor. I was just genuinely curious as to whether people do ROFL. From the responses, apparently yes, whilst not a common occurence, it does happen to a few people.
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    Can't Relate to Past Interest(s)

    Feel free to. Of course, I didn't summarise my entire reasons for disliking the medium. I'm sure I'd still be typing if I did. The whole thing just makes me feel bored, so I can't express any interest on it. But of course, this is my opinion. Feel free to think your own way.
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    Can't Relate to Past Interest(s)

    Well, nothing great but I can't stand Anime anymore. Yeah, I wasn't a major fan even back in the day, but I tried watching Wolf's Rain and there was just so much angst it's unbelievable. Then, when I look back, I realised there was so much angst in everything I've ever watched. I realised that...
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    Poll: ROFL

    I feel shame in this poll I made within a minute, over the usage of initialisms on the internet. Allow me to go commit seppuku as it did not reach your standards.
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    Poll: ROFL

    This is an expression that bugs me. I always assume it's a massive exaggeration. I can't imagine anyone finding something so funny they literally lose control and throw themselves to the floor and start rolling around like they're on fire. But maybe that's just me, being the cynical pessimist...
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    you are allowed to delete one website

    9gag9gag9gag9gag9gag9gag9gag9gag9gag9gag9gag9gag9gag9gag9gag. Please, let me delete that place.
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    So A Teacher At My School Was Just Fired...

    How dare he attempt to allow students to enjoy themselves during school hours! No, seriously. It's ridiculous the fact he's getting punished for this. At the age of most of those kids, I can guarantee they've already seen far, far worse. He should receive a warning for his behaviour, not...
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    Poll: Toast

    Medium toasted. 'Tis perfection.
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    What accents should aliens have?

    They should have a Geordie accent. I just want to see the looks on the World Leader's faces.
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    Well, why did you pick your username?

    Because I really like NieR.
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    Would you relive your childhood?

    I dislike my younger self. I have no interest in going back to see that little runt again.
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    Poll: You're pregnant. What do you do?

    It's not a pleasant decision for anyone to have to make. Especially a guy. He's just been told he's pregnant and now he has the option of abortion. As for me, the very idea of me having the slimmest chance of making a woman pregnant is absolutely hilarious. But should I ever happen to meet a...
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    What is your greatest weakness ???

    Old people crying. If I see one of those, I just break. There isn't a sadder thing in this world. That and my reluctance to hurt. Oh, and Kryptonite.
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    Childhood crush?

    I never had one for fictional characters. Which I understand makes me one hell of a weird person. Huh.