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    Poll: Yahtzee changes joke in ZP video

    God fucking forbid someone make a joke at the expense of transsexuals. I get they're not exactly the happiest bunch of people, being in the wrong bodies and all that, but it's not even a joke about them. It's poking fun at the people who engage in sexual activities with them before their...
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    You can ban any word in the English language... Which is it?

    Me? I'd going to go with the word very, in keeping with my Dead Poets Society mood.
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    Grand Theft Auto IV Blamed In Murder Case

    I've said it in every thread like this, both I and my brother played GTA since we were kids. My dad refused to allow me to play GTA when I was young for a while but it wasn't long before I began, I'd have been around 8, 9 or 10 when I started. I have yet to shoot either of my parents, my brother...
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    "Medicine" in America

    As nice an idea as that is, given that we spend £125 billion on healthcare a year, they'd need roughly about £650 ($1000) billion if they spend the exact same amount per person. Their defence budget only covers 80% of that amount. On top of that, they're already spending $1200 billion on...
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    The Last Of Us Multiplayer Censored in Europe, Naughty Dog Confirms

    Honestly this is juvenile. There are laws on stuff like this and developers have to adhere to them, complaining won't do any good and if anybody cared that much then they'd be writing their MPs telling them we need to change the censorship laws on gore in games. It's a stupid law, especially...
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    Trans Character in a game

    I wouldn't. Aside from appearance I don't think gender should be playing much role in story and character. Same with sexuality. I wish people would stop with this shit, trying to shoehorn it into games so they can feel progressive.
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    Evolution Will Kill Off Selfish People

    What I'm reading is "evolution will kill off selfish people after selfless people." I still don't see the reason selfless people have nothing to worry about, the selfish will just change into selfless people after learning it's the most profitable thing to do. I maintain that a man should be...
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    Waiting two hours for somebody

    I'm going to keep an eye on your posting so I can see the inevitable crazy bounce out of her and off every wall in sight. She likes you way too much, I wouldn't even let her wait 2 hours for me, that's just an absurd amount of time.
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    Update: Fez Dev Tells Media Member To Kill Himself

    It's totally understandable but not totally undeserved. He's arrogant and rude to both his fans and his critics and expects the royal treatment for making a platformer with a gimmick, the indie equivalent to the multiplayer FPS.
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    LoL and the surrender button.

    I don't like surrendering but if the enemy team is fed and the game is just going to be steamrolled from that point on then I'll cut my losses and quit wasting my time.
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    Why I think "Gamer Girls" shouldn't hide.

    Well this thread is bound to be filled with fun, original comments and reasonable people. Well I'm going to call bullshit on you. Your argument to back that up is "I haven't seen one" but not 5 seconds before that you were calling guys out for saying girls don't play games because they...
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    Poll: showers. morning or night?

    Shower in the morning. I get sweaty when I sleep so I like to wash that all off before I leave my house, I'd hate to leave looking like I do in the morning.
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    Pointing out double standards does NOT make you sexist!

    I'll agree that we're only really our experience, but not that we're puppets to society. If we were then we'd have no counter-culture, no social movements. Saying "society made you this way" implies a concious collective with an agenda to me and it just doesn't seem like the right way to be...
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    Pointing out double standards does NOT make you sexist!

    But to belittle someone so much that you say "you're entirely created by a negative societal image of what you should be" and demonise their personality is really insulting. Especially when you consider that they must in turn think they were created to be a positive societal image. As much as...
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    Skyrim Armor Mods Without Boob Plates

    Nope, that's all misinformation, sorry. It's extremely light for what it is and getting on a horse was just as easy as if you were only wearing your socks and pants.