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    New SimCity Will Require Always-On Internet - UPDATED

    Wrong. I can set Steam to play in offline mode. I can play Half-Life 2 without being on the internet. I can play anything except my multiplayer games with Steam in offline mode. One is an option, the other is mandatory. Big difference.
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    The Chinese Room (Dear Esther) Working With Frictional Games (Amnesia)?!

    Late last year, The Chinese Room, the people who made Dear Esther, posted about a new game they were making codenamed gameB and they said, quote: "gameB is the codename for a top secret game we're working on that will be due out in Q4 2012. All we can tell you is that it's a survival horror...
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    Does this site ever give you a headache?

    Yeah, it does get frustrating at times, especially when there are people here that seem to directly target me. :O Maybe they're jealous that I'm a Virgo and they aren't! XD Just kidding! ;-) Anyway, that's kind of why I've pretty much moved on to greener and much nicer pastures. I still...
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    U.S. Congress Shelves SOPA

    YES YES YES. I hate piracy and I want there to be a way to remove it, but SOPA was not the way to do that. Giving corporations the ability to just close down whatever they accuse of pirating is just bad. So, everybody: CHEERS! :D And here's to the internet being not being totally...
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    Your favorite painting

    YES! It may sound odd, but I've been waiting for a thread like this, actually. There is one painting that I find myself strangely attracted to. It's called: "The Hands Resist Him" by Bill Stoneham. It's so dark and ominous ... I love it. I first saw it in the game "Scratches...
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    Mass Effect 3 PC will require Orgin

    It's at times like this that I am really glad I have never played a Mass Effect game or even cared to play one. Because if I was an ME fan, I would kind of be up shit creek right now. Then again, I don't think I would. I would just watch a full playthrough on YouTube, just as a way to say...
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    Poll: Challenging Half-Life's Praises

    The original Half-Life sucked so much ass it wasn't even funny. I had to force myself to beat the game. And it was so padded, thinking about it makes me want to get carpal-tunnel syndrome. *Sigh* ... Sorry about that. Just I find it incomprehensible that you would think the first...
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    Trailers: Amy - Trailer

    Hmmm, where I have heard of a third-person survival horror game set in fairly dark corridors in third person perspective fighting shambling zombie-mutant things with gory attacks before? Oh yeah, Dead Space! So, this is basically Dead Space set on Earth with escort missions. Why do people...
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    What was the first video game you EVER played

    I can't remember what was the first game I played, since I was about 3 or 4 years old ... maybe even a little younger ... but it was something on the NES, so it had to be either Tetris, Ice Climber, Super Mario Bros., Deja Vu or Duck Hunt. Most likely Tetris, though. So, yeah, I'm going to...
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    Bioshock or Battlefield 3?

    That really boils down to what you want. BioShock has a really nice, dark environment and an interesting way of weaving in the story through architecture, recordings, NPCs ... It's really nice. I couldn't really get into it, though. :-/ If my computer was still working, though, I might...
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    Movies/Games/TV Shows You Wish Hadn't Been Canceled

    It can be either one. :-) Oh yeah, I remember seeing a teaser for it way back in the day. Well, good news is that that is exactly what The Sims 3 is. A small neighborhood where you control one sim family at a time but all the other sims there live out their lives. The bad news is that...
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    Movies/Games/TV Shows You Wish Hadn't Been Canceled

    A while ago on YouTube, I came across a trailer for an indie movie that was posted back in 2008. By the way, it is a bit graphic, but remember kids, they're just actors! ;-) I really liked it. The acting in the clip, especially from the female victims, was actually fairly convincing...
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    Fellow Escapists! Your favorite-

    Favorite Movie: That's a tough one. The only way I can do that is if I break it down into categories. Comedy: It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World Drama: Wristcutters: A Love Story (stop what you're doing and buy that movie. NOW.) Action: Inception Favorite TV Show: I would go with...
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    EA Claims First Amendment Protections For Battlefield 3 Helicopters

    If I were head of Textron, I would tell EA that I would drop a lawsuit if they added DLC that had a map that was one huge, "I'm sorry, Textron!" level with advertisements and if they took down Origin. Seriously, if I had a better computer, I would buy that game the moment they took down...
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    It's so good I bought it twice!

    I have Hitman: Blood Money on my PS2, but the Hitman pack was on sale on Steam, so I bought it again. The way I see it, not only do I get two other Hitman games, but I get Blood Money with better graphics.