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    Blowhard 2: Blow Harder

    That's the second smallest dick I've ever seen.
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    Oculus Rift Price Revealed as Pre-Orders Open

    This was pretty much my reaction... I was really looking forward to this. What I'm peeved about is that they didn't announce the price earlier - I would've saved up or decided against it earlier. Though the latter isn't likely, I'm loving what my phone and the Gear VR can do, but still. Oh...
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    #072 - Time Out

    I hope you tried the one with the zombies. It's actually fun with zombies. And I say this as someone who used to hate running.
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    Day of the Tentacle Remastered Due Next Year from Double Fine

    I like the mix'n'match idea - something that was, in my opinion, missing from the Monkey Island remakes, where I would've liked to mix old gameplay and graphics with new voice acting and soundtrack.
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    MomoCon 2015 Cosplay Gallery: The Best Heroes and Villains

    Isn't the guy with the Game Of Thrones group Trystane Martell rather than Oberyn? Looks more like it, with the curls and no beard, anyway.
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    Batman: Arkham Knight Rated M for "Torture" Sequences

    Well, they don't specifically state that the player is the one doing the torturing or that the vehicle in question is actually the Batmobile. As for the hostage-shooting, since the blurb actually states that players "primarily" assume the role of Batman, I could see the player taking one of...
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    CD Projekt Red Isn't Afraid of Making The Witcher 3 Too Difficult

    Naturally. I don't actually play a lot of multiplayer games anyway.
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    8 Space Games to Take You to the Stars

    Aaah, I remember! It was only in the extra booklet that came with the game, right?
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    CD Projekt Red Isn't Afraid of Making The Witcher 3 Too Difficult

    Bleh, if it stops being fun, I'll cheat. I don't get a rise out of "challenge" at all - it's as if a book i'm reading jumbles up the the letters in every other word for the sake of "challenge"...
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    8 Space Games to Take You to the Stars

    Actually that TIE Pilot's name is Maarek Stele. I loved that game :)
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    So, I have 1 litre of Bacardi, any suggestions of what to put with it?

    Not much a Bacardi man myself, but as far as rum goes, I like drinking it with port and a squirt of lemon or lime juice...
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    Ubisoft Restores Some of Those Deactivated Far Cry 4 Keys

    Ahwell, glad to see it worked out that way. I already got mine back!
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    PSA: Ubisoft is Revoking Far Cry 4 CD-Keys From 3rd Party Re-sellers - Update 2

    I just checked, mine is gone. If the key has been obtained illegally - chances are probably high, my brother and his girlfriend gave it to me for my birthday and they got it from G2A - Ubi are well within their rights to revoke the key, but as a long time customer I would've liked at least a...
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    Holiday Gift Guide 2014 - What Should You Buy/Ask For This Year?

    Oooooh, do you have any information about the X-COM board game being out in time for christmas? I pre-ordered that for my brother, and on FFG's website it's still marked as "on the boat", i. e. on its way from the manufacturer to FFG'S warehouse...
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    Star Citizen's First Person Shooter Module Revealed at PAX Aus

    While it doesn't seem like it's worth the effort to try and convince you of how fun I expect this game to be, I feel obligated to point out that the ships are technically free, since all ships "purchased" at this point are backer rewards.