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    Zero Punctuation: Gears of War 2

    amazing as usual
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    Favorite characters in literature.

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    Zero Punctuation: Tomb Raider: Underworld

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    Games you lose sleep for

    fallout 3, fable 2, fifa 08. idk why fifa i just like it.
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    Teenager Who Killed Parents Over Halo 3 Found Guilty

    thats just plane goodness
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    Help Me Choose My Band Name!

    Mighty Whitey and the Caucasions Fluff MY Boner Zit Blimish and the Black Heads
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    way you want to die

    piss off.
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    183: What Would Yoshi Do?

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    way you want to die

    i want to die in my sleep, or instantly by smashing into the ground. if im going out quick, i want some ass hole to have clean me up.
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    Zero Punctuation: Awards for 2008

    wow didnt see that coming. oh well
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    What was your favorite platform-game??

    hell yeah, super mario 64 was the 1st game i ever beat without anyone's help. it still stands the test of time. but fuck super mario galaxy
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    best video game characters catch phrases.

    halo 3 soldier "dude let me in" other soldier "no how do i know your not one of them" s "cause im talking to you" os "i dont belive you" s "why wouldnt the covenant just hold me hostage to lure you out here" os "......well now im definately not opening the door"
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    What was your favorite platform-game??

    seriously, platform games, back in the day mind you, we're the most fun a six year old could have with his game consol. take the mario series, or hell, even the samus series. i think we should bring them back.