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    Escape to the Movies: The Maze Runner - Where's a Minotaur When You Need One?

    I don't think the stars are necessary. I've never left a review of Bob's confused as to how he felt about it.
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    Report: Studio Ghibli May Be Shutting Down - Update

    ANN and Crunchyroll news now reporting that this appears to be a restructuring rather than an outright shutdown. The effect on any theoretical further releases will depend on what form the restructuring takes. Not dead yet! Anime News Network [] Crunchyroll...
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    Report: Studio Ghibli May Be Shutting Down - Update

    The CEO of Anime News Network tweeted that they haven't heard anything about this from their Tokyo sources. In wait and see mode, personally.
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    Persona Developer's Parent Company Files For Bankruptcy

    As best I can tell, this appears to be a reorganization bankruptcy rather than a liquidation, so Atlus should be fine. They're releasing Dragon's Crown in Japan on schedule and intend to continue business as usual during the reorganization. Even were it to become a liquidation, I've seen...
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    No Right Answer: Best Comic Book Universe Ever

    Between the two? Marvel, hands down. Of course, I actually like all the cosmic stuff you guys don't seem to. I thought Annihilation was one of the best crossovers in a while. If any universe is fair game though, think I'm throwing that to Image comics and the Top Cow Universe. My...
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    No DRM Results In No Change In E-Book Piracy

    I wonder how much this comes from the fact that Baen has been DRM free for quite some time. But yeah, it's strange, I never really think to pirate a book unless it's an insanely priced academic one. I actively choose not to pirate music, movies, and TV, but naturally don't pirate the printed...
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    Jimquisition: Bonus Jimquisition: Among the Sleep Preview

    I rather enjoyed this. I hope more commentary type videos are forthcoming.
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    Escapist Podcast: 087: The Death of LucasArts (But Not Friendship!)

    The reactions in the video are great. I think I'm going to have to switch to full-out watching or at least having the video up in a side window. The Escapist claims yet another victory over my (mostly theoretical) productivity!
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    The Escapist On The Road: PAX East 2013 - Future of RPGs Panel

    I believe at some point he clarified a weekend of playtime to be somewhere in the vicinity of 12 hours.
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    The Escapist On The Road: PAX East 2013 - Future of RPGs Panel

    Um, to make it much less involved and awkward than it actually was, the last questioner wanted to know why they don't make RPGs that you can finish in a single weekend. The panelists and other audience members then struggled to wrap their heads around this strange concept.
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    The Escapist On The Road: PAX East 2013 - Future of RPGs Panel

    Kind of you to edit out the last guy (Who I'm not outing since he was mentioned in the Podcat), though I did sort of want to watch him again just for "that actually happened, right?" purposes.
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    SimCity Is Broken, And It's Not Just the Servers

    Refreshing to see discussion of the live version of the game without being stuck on the server issues. I think this article echoes my thoughts on the game more than any other I've read. Personally, I stopped playing a few days ago once I managed to get a couple decent sized cities and saw...
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    Rumor Has It

    Not that the movies care too much about the comics, being some bizarre mishmash of the normal and ultimate Marvel universes, but Guardians of the Galaxy is getting a relaunch this month, and the cover of issue #1 does, in fact, have a member of the Avengers front and center....
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    The Wishlist: Logitech G930

    I have a pair of these and I love them. I can listen to podcasts anywhere in my house, they're super comfortable for hours even with my glasses, and the battery life is great. I've moved since I got them and my speakers are still packed, now I just use the headset all the time. Completely...
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    Sony Stock Drops After PS4 Event

    This doesn't surprise me really. I thought the event was very western focused, nothing RPG or Strategy for Japan to get excited about. Sony's heavy hitter in Japan, Square-Enix, showed us a non-gameplay tech demo which has been shown before and a guy who effectively got on stage, waved his...