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    Miracle of Sound: A Dog's Life (The Wolf Among Us Song)

    This song is great. I love all the word play.
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    Hitman Absolution - Free Sniper Challenge Codes [GONE]

    Just bought the game and got it for free.
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    Poll: Do you feel good about receiving hate mail if it's a reply to you winning or beating someone?

    I usually don't care since I have won in some fashion and it's ovbiously someone being an ass but I don't feel good about someone being a tosser to me, I just ignore it.
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    Poll: So, do you talk to yourself ?

    I only ever matter things to myself to workout what I'm going but I do it when ever I need to, I have to explain myself sometimes but it's not a big deal to do that.
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    Movie Trailers: Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters - Trailer

    They learnt what not to do so whatever they try next should be better........I hope.
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    Movie Trailers: Solomon Kane - Trailer

    Thanks, I'll probably give it a view then.
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    Trailers: Mass Effect 3 - Leviathan Launch Trailer

    While this is very true, it should at least make the ending more interesting even if it's not changed, which isn't a terrible thing. Personally I find 2 of the endings to be good ending (The 'blow everything up' and the 'Refusing to choice' endings), I'm not saying I like how the endings went...
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    Trailers: Mass Effect 3 - Leviathan Launch Trailer

    How do you know it doesn't impact the ending, you do realise it would have to considering what they are making Leviathan out to be, right?
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    Movie Trailers: Solomon Kane - Trailer

    Is it still worth a watch or is it too rushed to be that good?
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    Feed Dump: Libyan Cinnabon

    Can someone please turn those few seconds that Graham is nodding saying "Good, good" to Paul and Tally right aqt the end into a gif?
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    Poll: Is stealing the other team's vehicles in competitive multiplayer cheap/unfair?

    Well it's definetly not cheat or otherwise it would be impossible to do. Is it fun, very sportsmen like or in some cases just unfair. Such as one multiplayer game in halo-blood glutch map. 2 tanks per side if one team has all 4 you can use them to surround the base and kill everyone as they spawn.
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    Poll: Spider-Man Cartoons

    The animated series hands done. Though I accidently voted other not even thing of what TAS might mean :S
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    Trailers: Metro: Last Light - Welcome to Moscow Walkthrough Trailer

    The first game was on console and it worked fine with all the actions it contatined. You don't need a button from every action you mearly need them to be set appropriately it doesn't need to be dumbed down just because there aren't enough buttons for every action. If a game was made on the PC...
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    Trailers: Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two - Intro Trailer

    Wait do you mean without pants? That would be funny.
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    Milky Way "Ringing Like A Bell" From 100 Million Year-Old Collision

    Actually it could be the 4th option which is everyone dies.