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    What conspiracy theories do YOU believe?

    While it disgusts me to say this... with pretty much every conspiracy theory I've heard, I basically have one rule: Follow the money... So when someone tells that the US orchestrated 9/11, I may not go that far, but following THAT money trail will lead you right to the corrupt politicians...
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    Skyrim Earcaptiation?

    Ok... so this just happened to me a few days ago in Forelhost or however it's spelled. Anyhow, I get my orc sword and board up there, and the two imperial guards attack me after I come out of the cave. I get one to critical health and he starts crawling around on his knees. I dispatch the other...
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    Microsoft Xbox needs to die.

    I bought the original XBox 360, and I got 2 free replacements for the two RRoD's I incurred. I then bought an Elite with the Jasper chipset and have not had a problem since. 6 years of fantastic gaming experiences. My Wii is in my attic. And Sony can [email protected]#$k themselves if they think I'm spending...
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    Poll: Blacklisting Game Companies

    I won't touch anything with Activision's name on it... they ruined CoD, they ruined Guitar Hero, Spiderman and Tony Hawk... all of their properties are shit now... I am torn on EA... I hate what they've done to their sports franchises and I won't touch them, but I've invested too much into...
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    Where do YOU sell your stuff in Skyrim?

    Any low level character that wants some quick cash head to Markarth and just outside there's a quest to clear out Kolgseggr (sp?) mine. The quest itself gives you 1000 K, but you also get about 20-30 gold ore out of it.... I made about 6000 K from that quest alone.
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    Poll: Is anybody just done with everything in skyrim?

    I intentionally left things for other characters to do. I have a level 52 Khajit thief that did the stormcloaks, thieves guild, dark brotherhood and main questline. I am currently a level 14 imperial mage who will do the imperial, daedric and mage guild quest lines, and my last playthrough will...
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    Define Your Game In One Quote

    I was always partial to "Wait, your robbing a bank... dressed as yourselves?"
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    Poll: Your programming experience

    Came up with classic ASP, VB6 and .NET 1.1.... made more money in Flash, so worked my way up to AS3, OO, Flex, MVC and IOC, and now I'm getting back into C# .NET and Java. I do this for a living as well.
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    Fun with naming your characters.

    My Skyrim characters have been Puss in Boots and Palpatine so far, with a Xena playthrough pending... In Dragon Age 2 I named my Hawke characters "Ethan" and "Hudson".
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    What instrument do you play?

    I am a beat merchant by trade.... slamming the skins old skool.
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    The last RPG you played... that WASN'T Skyrim

    Thanks... now I just need to find a friend to play it with... Maybe in May when the release schedule slows and I'm tired of playing Commander Shepard....
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    The last RPG you played... that WASN'T Skyrim

    How is that LOTR? I wanted to get it but they delayed the release to put it next to Skyrim, which was stupid beyond belief!
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    So I finally picked up MW3 yesterday

    in the BF vs MW camp, I'm on the 'neither' side of the fence so I just came to offer you my condolences for buying such a bad game.... :)
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    One word I never want to hear from anyone in the gaming community again.

    This a thousand times over.... Alpha Protocol, Dead Island and Brink are just 3 examples of games that tried something new and got shit on....
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    The dragons of Skyrim are idiots.

    I've had 3 particularly challenging dragon battles, and I've lost my life to a dragon at least twice... but once I got marked for death, they're all easy... I just ignore them now. However, watching an ancient dragon land in front of me, breath frost all over me then proceed to almost swallow...