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    Zero Punctuation: Top 5 of 2017

    Great video, I'm glad I didn't waste any money on the surge during the winter steam sale!
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    Games you never get tired of

    Always come back to the TES/FO series as sometimes I love just tooling around in a FPRPG from time to time...
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    Nintendo Switch becomes the fastest selling videogame console in US History

    The main reason why it was such a success, is due to the fact that it is VERY 3rd party developer friendly...The one thing sony had that consistently beat Nintendo's consoles was offering more software for the consumers due to a much stronger 3rd party support... Nintendo now has a stronger...
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    Upcoming games of 2018 you are looking forward to?

    Anything released to gog, and at the very least; without a denuvo infection if steam only...As far as AAA titles; I'll only get them when they go on sale @ 70%-90% as too many AAA companies want to screw us over; having said that, I really love European AAA indies such as the metro/witcher...
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    The Witcher 3: GotY Edition Steam vs GOG

    Gog>>>>Steam Gog, you can install it anywhere and at any time once you download the files, from either at home or from public wifi if you lose your connection...Plus galaxy has cloud saving as well, and if you have a problem running the game/bugs you get actual responses from 100% real humans...
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    Divinity: Original Sin I & II

    I'm just overjoyed that they switched over from the wretched North American McDonalds line cooks (From the original masterpieces of DD/BD) and stuck with actual UK professional voice actors! (D2-DOS 1-2) TOO many non-domestic/European developers/publishers default to using the cheapest North...
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    Poll: Do you turn on the subtitles?

    I do, first off; if it has the option for a spoken language other than English, I'll take it! (I'm Xenophobic-phobic...) Secondly, The older I get, the more people sound like they're mumbling, especially since Game devs have to blast the music...(Yeah, I'm getting old)
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    Starbound Review - Terraria in Space

    Yep, lookin' forward to this, as I never bought the EA version, so I can come in on this game fresh! (I never Buy EA games for this very reason)
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    Star Wars: The Force Awakens Photo Series Shows New Heroes and Villains

    Best description out of the entire thread, yet it might prove to be inaccurate as he IS an actor after all, I suspect we'll be treated with smoldering menace instead of overt chest-pounding rage from his performance...I wouldn't expect a muscle-bound bad-Clint Eastwood impersonator to do a...
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    Should people lose access to a game because of how they act?

    Perma-Ban them, and give them a choice; A: Never play with others, while still having access to their game. Or.... B: Never play with others, while barring access to their game including a full refund of the game's retail price, regardless of the deal/discount that they paid. ...It's much...
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    Valve on Customer Service: "We Need to Do Better"

    By tying access to one's games via a $40-80 third party, you are effectively locking out customer's access in purchasing your games! I was without internet for 4 years and could not purchase a thing from steam as I was required to have my own internet/prog installed, making coffee shop/public...