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    Nier: Automata Gets a Fan-Made Patch to Fix its Graphics

    It depends, the cutscenes definitely were messed up but some players (myself included) were running into an issue where the game would have the stretching problem when trying to play in fullscreen mode but would run in proper 1080p in windowed mode. However, the game doesn't support...
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    The Newest Doom Expansion, Bloodfall, is Now Available

    Are we ever going to see any singleplayer expansions for DOOM? I'm not a huge fan of the multiplayer in DOOM 2016, but the singleplayer is amazing and I would love to see more of that without having to deal with snapmap.
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    Turtle Rock Studios Ceases Evolve Support, Updates

    Gold keys were implemented for real money about 3 weeks ago. You could use them to buy characters and skins but not perks. Then TRS's contract ended and 2k didn't renew it despite the gold keys not having a change to do... anything. Yea 2k made a ton of mistakes here... I loved Evolve from...
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    XCOM 2 Lands on PS4 and Xbox One Today with a New Trailer

    Well this is good news! I have the game on PC, just glad more people can experience it. Especially since console players had the previous title, and can now play the sequel.
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    Zero Punctuation: Metroid Prime Federation Force

    Oh my fucking god... just when I thought Nintendo could sink no lower. This is some SERIOUS bullshit. Thanks Nintendo for taking a massive dump all over one of my favorite franchises and characters.
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    Evolve Returns to Steam as a Free-to-Play Title

    Before today that was true... today alone we had just under 12,000 players. More maps, monsters, and hunters are on the way as well. People are interested in the game, TRS just handled a LOT of things wrong at launch and got the backlash appropriate for their mistakes. Then they come back with...
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    Evolve Returns to Steam as a Free-to-Play Title

    Holy shit the cynicism in here... this version doesn't even have microtransactions. At all. You get like 500 keys per game, and characters cost between 5-10k keys. Any P2W stuff was fixed MONTHS ago. And if you own the game, you get a "Founders edition" with everything you bought already...
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    DOOM Launch Trailer Takes You Back to Hell

    Well the multiplayer was a bit disappointing, but the single player looks like a ton of fun! Hope its better than the multiplayer at least.
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    What Makes A Difficult Game Good Or Bad?

    A lot of good points in this thread (got ninja'd on a lot of stuff I'd like to say) and Extra Credits did a pretty good video on this a while ago.
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    6 Over-Funded Kickstarters That Should Have Failed

    I'm surprised there wasn't a mention of the whole Potato Salad thing.
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    Ok... did I fall into another Escapist Troll Button?

    Well this an amusing little bug/trick/prank/thing. Shame to see so many awesome people are getting laid off though...
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    Post your rig / PC specs!

    Well I spent wayyyy too much money on my new PC built last Summer. CPU: Intel i7 5820k 3.3 ghz hexcores MOBO: MSI X99s Gaming 7 RAM: 16GB DDR4 2666 GPU: 2x GTX 980Ti PSU: EVGA 850 Watt Gold Supernova G2 SSD: 250GB OS Drive HDD: 3TB 7200 RPM Link to full build...
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    Why I Love Furries

    Glad to see some positive coverage of one of my favorite fandoms popping up! As someone above pointed out fursuiting is only one aspect of the fandom, but its definitely a big part of it. Thanks for the positivity! Its refreshing.
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    Agents of Cosplay: Just the Facts About Furries

    Nice to see some positive coverage of furries popping up around here. Its refreshing, and its nice not to see one of my favorite fandoms not being dragged through the mud for once. Thanks!