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    Munchkin Keeps Drawing Treasure for Steve Jackson Games

    They had a banner for a Judge Dredd Munchkin expansion on display at PAX, too.
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    A Guardians Of The Galaxy Cosplay Gallery: You're Welcome

    #7 actually has Nova posing with Quasar, not Captain Marvel. Understandable mistake, there've been several Captain Marvels with that general motif (I think)
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    PS4 vs Xbox One Comparison: Graphics, Specs, Differences

    Don't bother feeding the trolls. Dude's got a total of two posts and used it to bash the site; clearly not worth our time or attention.
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    Contrast Review - Stuck Between Worlds

    I was hugely disappointed with this game when I downloaded it. The 2D platforming is really fun, and I loved the game's visual style. The 3D mechanics and camera, though were so unpolished that I gave up after the first act. Oh, and escort misions with little kids will never be awesome (aside...
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    Escape to the Movies: Man of Tai Chi

    I wound up picking up Man of Tai Chi from Amazon Video (same cost to rent as it is to buy) and was pleasantly surprised by it. Nothing ground-breaking, but the action sequences were really solid and the plot was decent.
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    The Forest Comes Alive in Second Gameplay Trailer

    Hello, Oculus Rift? I don't have enough nightmare fuel yet. Let's get on that.
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    Battlefield 4 Teams With Axe For Embarrassing Cross-Promotion

    First they shut down Command & Conquer, now this. Banner week you're having, EA. Banner week.
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    Dev: Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate is Like Mega Man

    I played it on the 3DS at PAX. Other than being clunky, visually bland, and decidedly NOT fun, it's totally like Mega Man.
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    Hands-On: Solstice Arena Was the E3 Sleeper Mobile Hit

    Yeah, that's the uphill battle this game is facing. It's made by an incredibly talented team (formerly known as A Bit Lucky), but Zynga has such a toxic rep with gamers it's going to be tough to get MOBA fans interested.
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    Coen Brothers Refuse To Film Big Lebowski Sequel

    Remember when Tara Reid announced she was going to be in The Big Lebowski 2? And the Coen Brothers mocked the Hell out of her? Good times.
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    Rumor: Knights of the Old Republic May Be iPad-Bound

    Oh, Aspyr. The company who ported KOTOR to Mac and then didn't update the game so it was unplayable on the newer machines with Core Duo processors for several years. Needless to say, I'm a little nervous about this.
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    Dredd Sequel May Still Happen

    From what I gathered, Lionsgate did a pretty terrible job of actually marketing Dredd. Most of my friends didn't even realize it had come out before it was gone from the theaters.
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    Aliens: Colonial Marines Sales Prove Bafflingly Massive

    Thanks to the (admittedly brilliantly) duplicitous marketing campaign, I'm willing to guess a ton of people pre-ordered it. Now I'm willing to bet they spend a lot of time crying in the shower.
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    Universal Plans "Edgy" Weird Science Remake

    No good can come from this.
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    Miracle of Sound: Dream of the Sky (BioShock: Infinite)

    Wonderfully done. I love how you captured all the different tones of the game.