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    All-Female Ghostbusters Reboot Officially Happening

    Good, why not. I don't understand why this needs to be such a big deal. I just hope it will be entertaining.
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    Destiny Review - World of Chorecraft

    Very good and fair review, even if I don't completely agree with it. Personally I'm currently thoroughly enjoying myself with my friends. The story is light but the gameplay mechanics are rock-solid. I haven't had this much fun with a game for quite a long time. How much you will enjoy yourself...
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    Teenage Male Gamers No Longer Biggest Demographic

    That's nice I guess. It's not really a recent thing though. Gaming is a very wide term (meaning that even shitty mobile phone games are still games in the end). Would it be optimistic of me to say that the "no girls on the internet" trope will probably be completely gone within the next 10...
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    Lack of Gay Character Options in RPGs "A Shame," Says BioWare Producer

    Whilst writing quality is of course very important, I like the fact that they at least attempt to write gay characters in the first place. I'd rather have poorly written romance across the board than to not even have them try. Gaming doesn't have to as exclusive as some people obviously wish it...
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    Rampant Police Brutality and Media censorship in Ferguson Missouri

    Hmm, that would be nice. But it could just be a temporarily relief from duty for the department.
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    Rampant Police Brutality and Media censorship in Ferguson Missouri

    If I were living in Missouri I'd be a bit fucking concerned right now about how those who should "serve and Protect" are acting here. A good and strong reaction from the higher levels of government would be the firing of the entire Ferguson PD, together with the higher-ups at the St. Louis...
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    How come people who commit suicide are considered cowards, unless someone famous does it?

    It is to be expected. It would almost be amusing if they weren't deadly serious about the opinions they put forth.
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    How come people who commit suicide are considered cowards, unless someone famous does it?

    They're not cowards. It takes a lot before any sane person would commit themselves to ending their own life. It's tragic, nothing less. Thinking otherwise derives from a failure to understand what depression and desperation truly entails. Even so, I do consider myself a massive coward for...
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    Megan Fox: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Haters Can "F*ck Off"

    Ha, what a class act she is. She should use all the money this movie brings in and get herself a new personality.
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    The great sex and sexuality questionnaire! (Will probably get NSFW)

    Gender: Male Sexual orientation: Gay Fetishes: BDSM, Feet, Piercings (within reason), furry and some exhibitionism. I'm very submissively inclined and love the idea of being used by others. Freaky stuff: I've tried a variety of things to see if I would like it. Things like sounding...
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    L.A. Residents Call 911 Due to Facebook Outage

    Good lord, what a bunch of desperate cunts. I hope they didn't waste too much time that could have been used to help people with real emergencies. That was a thing? I feel like drinking quicksilver now...
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    Poll: Tipping, Gratuities, etc. and You!

    Tipping is not really that prevalent here in the Netherlands. When someone does tip it will be no more than 5 to 10 percent. Personally, I generally do tip when service has been good. And I am easily pleased.
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    Why is a Bare Breast More Offensive Than a Severed Arm?

    I understand some of the issues that people might have with nudity for whatever reason. That doesn't mean I share a single one of them however. People can walk around nude everyday for all I would care. To stigmatize nudity is pointless and silly (Iranian earthquakes, anyone?). Growing up in...
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    Study Claims Smelling Farts Could Prevent Cancer and Other Diseases

    Yea, since I didn't feel like conducting any more research on this I just gave them the benefit of the doubt. There was also a slight hint of sarcasm intended. But that doesn't translate well. Anyway, it wouldn't surprise me if this study was a load of pseudoscientific nonsense.
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    Movie Defense Force: World War Z - Despite The Title, A Great Zombie Flick

    Nope, I'm sorry. I was willing to accept the movie up to the point where the zombies defied physics and climbed anthill-style over a gigantic concrete wall. Suspension of disbelief can only go so far and mine most certainly ran out at that point. As such I turned it off with many feelings of...