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    Suicide Squad was awesome, critics high on crack

    The problem with Suicide Squad is that it's a great movie, but they only showed us half of it. Almost every scene was good, but seemed to be missing 20-30 seconds on either side that would help it gel with the rest of the film. It could have also benefited from presenting the story a bit more...
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    Trauma, Healing and Gaming Part 2: Triggers and Trigger Warnings

    I've skimmed the thread so far, so I'm not entirely sure what's been said so far, but here's my take on the issue of triggers. The biggest issue, is the the tumblr crowd who use 'tigger' as a catch all for anything they disagree with. Now I'm a possible bipolar with social anxiety and BPD...
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    Pokemon and Mew

    There is one way to get a 100% legitimate Mew, though I'm unsure if it is still possible, as I don't know if 'My pokemon ranch' is still available on the Wii shop. I will take some effort and time as it requires you to transfer 999 pokemon from Diamond or Pearl onto the ranch and then you have...
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    PEWPEW You're dead!

    TF2 also has the benefit of the different classes having wildly different play styles. A seasoned FPS player can get the most out of the scout and sniper, while the engineer suits those who prefer support over front line fighting.
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    What was the worst game that you pre-ordered?

    Another vote for Dragon Age 2. I enjoyed it at first the combat was quicker, the skills much visceral. It seemed good. And then I went through the same slightly altered map for the 5th time and things began to fall apart. Soon after the wave-based encounters took full effect and the story began...
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    Atrocious commercials on TV

    American drug commercials are just plain scary. I'm aware they have to list any possible side-effects to avoid being sued, but some of them just make me question how the drugs were even approved. I'm 90% sure that one of them I saw even listed anal prolapse as a side effect. And just about all...
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    Microsoft Grabs Rise of the Tomb Raider in Xbox Exclusive - Update

    I hope Sony/Naughty Dog decide to put Uncharted 4 directly against it. I actually prefer Tomb Raider, but I'd sooner set myself on fire than get an Xbox1. It would be fun to see Nathan Drake utterly destroy Microsoft.
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    Are gaming notebooks/laptops a good investment?

    It really comes down to how much moving about you'll be doing. I had a gaming laptop through most of uni, so that I could use it in classes and also if i was journeying home for a weekend. Now that I'm done with uni I'm just on a desktop, and when I have the money will probably get a midrange...
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    Movies/TV series that made you cry?

    Oh yeah, the music in that scene, Disc 2 #5 on the sound track, that one gets me too.
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    Movies/TV series that made you cry?

    Can't believe nobody has mentioned Doctor Who : The End of Time part 2. I don't want to go. 11's final scene was also rather moving.
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    Marvel's Time Runs Out Event Teases Possible Universal Reboot

    I've just thought of a way that this could work out well, by maintaining a continuity, while ditching all the stuff that is basically crap. And allowing an easy way in for new readers. If they have this large temporal/dimensional event, it be something that sent ripples back down the time...
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    New Guardians of the Galaxy Teaser Blasts Off

    I would say that this is meant to be more of a trailer for the live QA than the actual other trailer.
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    EA CCO Says SimCity, Battlefield 4 Launches Weren't That Bad

    I kinda want Titanfall to have such a problematic launch that it actually makes consoles explode. Not because I hate Respawn or anything, more just for the hilarity of EA's press release afterwards. I don't even hate EA that much anymore, rather, I alternate between laughing and feeling sorry...
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    I never asked for this... So bionic hands that can sense touch and pressure are now real. I for one found this to be pretty cool. Wonder how long it will be until someone makes a sleek black version with spring blades.
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    Faulty Xbox One Disc Drives Reported by Some Buyers

    Pretty much called this happening as soon as they said don't use the console vertically because of the disc drive. Just screams using cheap parts, which is impressive when you consider even a blu-ray drive can be found for ~£20 at retail.