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    Strange things that get your blood boiling

    The person who inevitably shows up in these threads, passively condemning everyone who takes part in said thread. "The thing that gets my blood boiling is people who complain about such small things that other people do! Why can't you all just be perfect like me! Why? WHY!? LOVE ME!!!!"...
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    EA defends itself against thousands of anti-gay letters

    So, basically your problem is not the fact that gay issues are in the game, but that you can't debate with in game characters over your personal concepts? So it's not that the gay is there, but that you can't debate in game about it.
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    Poll: Preorders... Why?

    I used to work at gamestop, and while I won't begin to defend them (they really aren't the best) pre ordering is actually quite nice. The money goes toward the purchase, and at my store, we set pre order copies aside for at least a weak, in reserve for those that bought them. If the gamestop you...
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    Need to vent? Here's the place.

    I hate how some people have opinions that they claim as fact, and when your opinion differs from theirs, yours is seen as wrong, and of lesser value. This can be on anything from where you stand politically, to whether or not you like ketchup. I have different opinions, stop getting mad that I...
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    Need to vent? Here's the place.

    I <3 you so much right now.
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    So... I just found out my brother is gay.

    that was my first thought... does that make me a bad person?! XD
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    And thus, my fail is complete >.> My apologies.
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    Touche sir.
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    what about rockos modern life, doug, rugrats, beast wars, batman, superman.. I could go on but I feel old now XD
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    Poll: Do you think Esports should be taken as serious as traditional sports?

    Totalbiscuit. Ten points if you get it.
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    Kissing: why is it still a social taboo?

    Same here. Held his hand walking in the mall, and got death threats for it. Sad times.
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    Kissing: why is it still a social taboo?

    For me personally, I don't like it. Mostly because I'm gay, and if I start to kiss my bf in public, people look at me with disgust, sometimes we receive threats. But some guy and girl can suck each others face off, and its ok. That's my two cents :O
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    What popular games do you hate?

    Metal Gear Solid series. Whole thing was just a giant headache.