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    James Bond cannot be genderbent

    There is no argument, the code-name's always been wrong. Skyfall was the latest nail in the coffin but there has been continuity between different Bond actors before - Moore laying flowers at Tracy's grace, for instance. It only exists because some people can't accept, for whatever reason, and...
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    So far, the Witcher 3 seems kind of sexist

    That's a character trying to justify his own actions knowing (or at least suspecting) full well that the man in front of him thinks he's a scumbag. Geralt can respond in several ways, and while one of those is to suggest that they're both as bad as each other, that's entirely up to the player to...
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    Nintendo Explains Why Digital Games Aren't Any Cheaper

    EA's reasoning for having less sales than Steam - and less good ones, at that - was because they didn't want to be seen to be running an "Ikea store", or something like that. I doubt it's the real reason, but then it's so pathetically transparent that I wonder if it is a genuine insight into how...
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    Zero Punctuation: Beyond: Two Souls

    They're nowhere near good enough that their "absence" (they were just writing mediocre stuff back then) caused Heavy Rain to be equal to a good standard of writing.
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    Zero Punctuation: Beyond: Two Souls

    I don't understand how Beyond could be so bad that it's getting slashed for being a narrative crapfest when Heavy Rain was well-received.
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    Batman: Arkham Origins Review - Good, But Not Good Enough

    Whereas the Penguin's portrayal in Arkham City was, uhhh... exactly the same.
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    What's the most boring book you've ever read?

    Kind of the point. Don't think you'd get much out of it if you took it as its surface and only focused on its characters. Read it three times in a short space of time and enjoyed it more on each. OT: Not the most boring book I've ever read but, in terms of renowned books I didn't get along...
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    Why I might not buy Half life 3

    Uh, no. DNF went for 15 years. Episode 2 came out in 2007. That's 6 years, not "nearly 10" and nowhere near Duke Nukem's standard.
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    Poll: Women In Combat? Yea or Nay?

    Yes. If they want to and can match whatever the standards set for men are, then why not?
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    Tap water , do you drink it?

    Bottled is a waste of plastic and from a tap anyway.
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    Escape to the Movies: Elysium

    It's at 67%/61% now. Worth bearing in mind that all that number's good for is telling you that it's divisive. I think the idea is that everything had already gone to hell down below and so the rich left. In which case, it's not particularly.
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    Naughty Dog Responds to The Last of Us Sexism Claims

    ... Oooh-kaay. The only instance I can think of when she needs saving is, y'know, the big one. And they both put in the legwork in that scenario to get her out of it. And that's after she's already save Joel's arse a fair few times. Other instances of her needing help are because, y'know...
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    Why Am I A Bad Person For Like Large Breasts And Sexy Nuns?

    The problem is with them being depicted as sexual objects to titillate 14-year-old boys and little else. It's not about you liking big boobies. And the specific problem with Hitman: Absolution's nuns was that Blood Money used overtly sexualised characters to help illustrate a diseased...
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    I don't understand tipping culture...

    If you're an American, servers don't get paid properly because the restaurant/whatever expects you to foot that particular bill as well. If not, just tip if the service is especially good.
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    Gallery of the Day - Pixelated Boobs

    No no, it's satire. You can tell by the way they referenced something else that was entirely stupid first. I mean... that's how it works, right?