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    Will Final Fantasy ever go back to its FANTASY Roots?

    Honestly, the only purely fantasy games I can think of in the series are Crystal Chronicle (only the first one) and Mystic Quest. And while I wouldn't mind a few more games in the vein of Crystal Chronicle, Mystic Quest needs to remain dead and buried.
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    Why are people so dumb about veganism?

    @Silvanus - Quotes are borked for me, because the forums Just Plain Work. ...Obviously not you, but hey, you're not all vegans? unless you are all vegans, in which case, tell Steven I still don't like Tofu and no matter how hard he tries I never will And who says it'd help? ...I mean...
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    Why are people so dumb about veganism?

    My only problem with veganism is that it feels like an inadequate solution to complex problems. Like... everyone not eating meat isn't going to stop deforestation, since the land-owners will just sell it to someone else. Faux furs and leathers are just plastic, with all the environmental...
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    Returning Members

    Unskippable, some more written articles, maybe some comics... just content, really. Maybe some news, but from what I remember most of that was just regurgitated from other gaming sites anyway, so... not too fussed about that. Also, a tech team, so the various collapsing systems could...
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    Detroit Becoming Human - Why do I like this?

    The androids are kinda goofy and compelling, in that way where you're watching a really shitty B movie, but the lead actors are just giving a really genuine performance so you can't help but like it. The rest of the game is a solid garbage fire of a mess, with nonsensical world-building...
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    The morality of Pick Up Artists

    ...the morality of Pick Up Artists is that they, by and large, tend to be either really Skeevy blokes who give advice which is only really effective at teaching you how to physically/sexually/mentally abuse someone rather than get you sex, or are taking advantage of desperate men to steal as...
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    Gaming and Real World Combat Tactics

    ...sounds like ARMA has just taught you how to be good at ARMA.
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    Can someone explain the 'good' Bloodborne ending to me?

    The Nightmares are permanently dead - and due to the dream essentially being their reality, and how they influence our reality, they're very dead in the waking world too - but the thing is the dream is still... a dream. It's the realm of the Tentacle Monster, a method for hunters to fight back...
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    I'm going to miss you people when the Escapist shuts down.

    I'll miss... two of you. Which two? Battle to death to find out!
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    Mass Effect 3: Multiplayer: Is anyone playing it? I'm just starting.

    Not really after Andromeda screwed the pooch. Just from personal experience I was able to scrape together a game or two on occasion, but then when Andromeda dropped and the multiplayer for that was horrifically broken and buggy, there was a knock on effect and everyone vanished from the ME3...
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    Poll: Was the Mass effect 3 ending that bad?

    It was a bad, terribly written, hastily-slapped-together ending, but given how people are still pissed off about it 6 years down the track, I'm tempted to say it's the greatest ending of all time, just to raise some blood pressures. I mean, holy fuck guys, it's just a shitty ending, Bioware...
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    A new Star Wars happened, and opinions are released upon us like nibbling hounds demanding biscuits

    Well, I saw it this morning, and I quite enjoyed it. Probably one of my favourite Star Wars movies too, though that isn't exactly a hard thing to do. I enjoyed quite a lot of it (despite the presence of the Porgs), mostly the space battles (which felt nice and meaty) and the combat (FINALLY...
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    Poll: Which Was The Better Post-George Lucas Star Wars Movie?

    TFA, because I'm pretty sure most of it's trailer was actually in the movie. also because despite being a blatant copy of a previous Star Wars movie, it was still less predictable than Rogue One was.
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    Going back to being just plain, normal gamers.

    Oh boy, it's more Anti-Anita stuff isn't it? IT IS! OH BOOOOOOYYYYYYYYY for christ sakes guys, leave it alone already. At this point everyone who gets into a huff over them evil SJWs has enacted more identity politics than the entirety of the LGBT+ movement over its 40 year history, just...
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    You have just been sent into the world of you favorite game. However,

    I'M GONNA BE THE VERY BEST NPC THAT THERE WAS DUN DUN DUN DUN My first goal would be to catch as MANY Growlithe as possible, because Arcanine is the best and six Arcanine is amazing. Plus, with six Arcanine, I wouldn't have random 10 year olds come up and fight me, because NPC trainers...