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    Historical Blindness?

    That's a myth. Probably based Louis XVI's writing "Rien" in his hunting log that is sometimes misleadingly referred to as a diary on the day of the storming of the Bastille
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    Making Faces - A Bioware Story

    It's a really bad rendition of Yvonne Strahovski. Not quite as bad as Jessica Chobot in ME3, but still really off looking.
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    Zero Punctuation: Dragon Age: Inquisition - Fantasy Commander Shepard

    The quests necessary to "romance" the ambassador lady are fairly short IIRC. But you don't actually get to see her naked. And I struggle to understand how people found themselves short of power. Because I had power coming out of my ears, and I really wasn't being completionist. Unless...
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    Why the Game's Title Should Have Been Dragon Age: Impositions

    Like the other people in this thread who have played the game, I don't recognise what Mr Young is talking about. The cost in in game money of potions is not significant.
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    Dragon Age Inqusition: Denuvo DRM apparently liable to destorying SSDs

    This seems very likely to be inaccurate. No one else has reproduced the issue.
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    Poll: Worst gaming trend?

    Open World
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    "GET OVER HERE!" phrases that are engraved in your brain years later

    So I kicked him in the head until he was dead *annoying laugh*
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    No Right Answer: Are Gamers Dead?

    The distinction made is between bad old (gamer) audience and good new audience. No distinction between good gamer and bad gamer, they all go joyfully onto the trash keep. And Ms Alexander makes it pretty clear how she defines a gamer, and it's got absolutely nothing to do with misogyny...
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    Doctor Who's "Kill the Moon" Is a Mess of Pseudoscience

    Those weren't pseudo-science, they were non-science
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    Doctor Who's "Kill the Moon" Is a Mess of Pseudoscience

    Honestly, the problem was that they mentioned the science too specifically. I mean, they could have just quickly brushed off the spider things as like bacteria are to humans and I probably wouldn't blink, but when you get all specific then it's too obvious rubbish. Though I also wonder if...
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    Shadow of Mordor Season Pass Lets You Fight Sauron

    Because that's what they've got the license for, probably.
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    Jimquisition: It's Not A Video Game!

    People who use not a game as a criticism are idiots. Many things in life are not video games, and yet are good. Jim's "modern definition" of video game is utterly useless. The only part of that definition that this video itself doesn't meet is "game", but the definition of "game" is the...
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    Why the 'games are cheaper than ever argument' is complete bullshit.

    Computer game prices seem just kinda weird, really. What with so many games releasing at the same price, despite often massively divergent quality. And with the price so rapidly dropping, and most consumers apparently still being eager to buy their games at full launch price
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    I need a girlfriend game

    My sister likes Assassin's Creed 2, and she's not very video-gamey
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    What is the worst and best tutorial levels you have ever played?

    Portal was a really great tutorial that lasted the whole game