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    Games with best destructible environments?

    Stranglehold had some pretty sweet destructible environments. My favourite was the Casino level.
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    The Game of Thrones Dilemma

    With the show looking to catch up with the books in season 5 (and even overtake them in some storylines), I think the show producers may end up figuring out their own ending that's entirely different than the way the books eventually end. Supposedly George R.R. Martin revealed to the show...
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    Favorite 'Hey, it's that guy!' actor?

    I have a suspicion that Glenn Morshower is actually a high-ranking FBI, CIA, or secret service agent infiltrating hollywood on some secret mission. He's always playing those roles. Or sometimes he branches out a bit and plays a sheriff or military general :) They even scanned his likeness for...
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    Amazing Games...That You Never Finished?

    I'm a huge fan of the Final Fantasy series and I've played all the main single-player games except FF9. However, the only ones that I've actually finished are FF1 and FF6. FF2 - Barely played it at all, on an emulator with a translation patch FF3 - I think I got maybe halfway through it on...
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    5 World Ending Movies that Make Guys Cry

    How is The Road not even on this list? It's probably the bleakest, most depressing end-of-the-world movie ever made.
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    Scientsts Create Scotty, The World's First "Teleporter"

    If you think of it, you're always being destroyed and re-assembled, just very slowly. Some of what you ate today will become part of you in the future, and you'll lose bits of yourself as your skin, nails and hair flake off, as your cells regenerate, and as you expel waste. You're not made of...
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    Your favourite piece of Final Fantasy music

    Final Fantasy 6 - "Dancing Mad" 17 minutes of awesome epic orchestral/prog-rock music with an ominous pipe organ section in the middle. One of the best game endings of all time, and the music has a lot to do with it. On the same subject, the ending theme is also a work of musical...
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    Into The Stars Aims To Merge FTL With Oregon Trail

    Yeah, I was gonna say the same thing. FTL is already a lot like the Oregon Trail.
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    Everybody's Dead Dave

    Basically anything that takes place in the Warhammer 40K universe is a contender. Exterminatus!
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    Sony Cancels The Interview Over Hacking Threat - Update

    Sounds to me like it's probably just a really crappy movie and they're delaying the launch to generate buzz about how the movie actually caused North Korea to make terrorist threats.
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    What If The Hobbit Was A Single Film? An Alternate Trailer Finds Out

    I'll bet a lot of people are going to be releasing fan-edits of the trilogy that cut it down to a single 3 hour movie after the third one gets a DVD/blu-ray release.
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    Inadvertently disgusting moments in video games

    I've always thought it's really gross in any RPG when you loot dead bodies for equipment and items. Especially armor. I just can't get past the fact that in real life your bladder and bowels release when you die.
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    Poll: Portal Vs Portal 2

    Hard to say... Portal 2 is probably a better game in general, but nothing can replace the feeling of being freshly introduced to the unique gameplay mechanics and dark humor of the first game.
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    But seriously what was up with that prison level in Advanced Warfare?

    When I got to that point in Black Ops, I actually thought for a moment that the Nova 6 virus was going to turn them into zombies, and that the rest of the game from that point would be fighting hordes of zombies after a big Nova 6 attack in America somewhere. I still wish the game went that...
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    Poll: Old subject? Invert Y axis Camera

    Former inverter, reformed myself because it was always annoying when I was over at a friend's place and had to pause and change controls whenever it's my turn. It only took about a week to fully adjust to non-inverted controls. Strangely enough, when I play Battlefield 3 or 4, I still find it...