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    Tom Selleck: 1993's Voice of the Future

    I remember these commercials vividly, they were part of a pretty long running campaign. I guess I would have been 10 at the time. I can't believe it's been 17 years . . . what's more crazy is that these were seemingly impossible dreams of the future back then.
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    Legendary Final Fantasy Concept Artist Puts His Work in Motion

    Anyone else find it ironic that Amano-san's beautiful hand-drawn artwork finally being fully realized in motion is only possible with CGI?
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    Schwarzenegger Urged to Keep Mum On 'Unconstitutional' Game Law

    I don't really care either way, but it seems like the only reason the video game industry has to complain is that they know this will cause a measurable drop in revenue coming from children under whatever the law deems the legal age. As much as it sucks for kids who appreciate good games, I...
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    Review: Noby Noby Boy

    Eating your butt isn't the only way to become whole again, you can also hold down triangle to spit BOY out of the house's chimney, and as long as both halves are on screen (i.e., not falling into oblivion), a TADA! sound will play and he'll pop out in one piece.
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    The Final Boss

    More than anything, this article has made me realize that, while I greatly enjoy stories in games AND sadistically difficult challenges, I'm too well adjusted to the quirks of video game narratives colliding with gameplay to care that the story has been "ruined" by a inconsistency caused by my...
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    D-Pad Hero Rocks the NES

    @Shark77 Don't feel bad man, I have my laptop hooked up to my TV, tried it using a PlayStation controller and it's still stupid hard. Props to the developers though, I imagine this is a game that could be mastered with practice and at the very least it's actually very well executed compared to...