11 Million Modern Warfare Achievements Unlocked in One Day


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Jun 27, 2009
akmarksman said:
gbemery said:
Renoozo said:
I'm not tired of hearing about MW2, I love it. But MW3 will be a hard act to follow with all the records in place - wonder if they'll quit the MW series while their ahead, most likely giving their accountants a heart attack.
If modern capitalistic views and advertisement has taught us anything it is this, you milk everything for what it is worth and when there is but a small trickle of money left you beat the thing senseless with a stick until you get every last cent possible.
a page from the Final Fantasy handbook.
Close, it has it's own handbook. It has to because of the three different endings? Making Bank, Bust and Breaking Even.


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Oct 10, 2009
Mordwyl said:
I still don't know how Generic War Shooter 212 has managed this. Here's guessing people will never learn and the suits are right in believing we are dumb sheep. :\

On the PC, we have CS:S for shooters. L4D2 is banned in Aus and isn't really a fps like CS:S and MW are anyway. TF2 is fun but again, just not the same. In MW2, the graphics are excellent and the gameplay is pretty good. And, more importantly, it isn't 5+ years old. CS:S is dated now but it's really all there is in the FPS deathmatch market.