2019 the best year for FPS?


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Nov 15, 2012
Hawki said:
Samtemdo8 said:
Doom is just as much of a First Person Adventure as is Metroid Prime. I mean there is PLENTY of exploration to be had.
Saying Doom has exploration is like saying there's lettace in a hamburger - technically true, but irrelevant to the product, and not what you play/eat it for.

But even then, much as I dislike Metroid Prime, that at least had a sense of exploration - you're on an alien world where you get to uncover its secrets and history. Doom has the premise of "demons have invaded, kill them" and doesn't go beyond that. There's no sense of wonder or discovery to be had in the original Doom game (which is true for most Doom games - certainly prior to Doom 3 at least).
Limitations of the time. Even B-Cell there frequently cites the map design from Doom.

Your actual first person adventure games at the time with exploration and such were literal slideshows, maybe with some mega-low res FMV if you had one of them fancy CD drives. Myst (also in 1993) has maybe a dozen dialogue lines and a similar number of notes throughout the whole game, and it was a woefully bad performance technically at the time.

The only real potential examples for hybrid games around then were coming out of Origin. And Origin literally bankrutped their company with overbudget projects trying to make ever bigger things (some of which essentially were unplayable by actual consumers for a year or more, or had weird nonsense like custom boot disks to load their own memory OS).


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Feb 26, 2014
Glad you are exited but I think you should wait until after 2019 to make such judgements.

I've looked at 2007 and in that year cod 4: modern warfare, crisis, bioshock, Unreal Tournament 3, team fortress 2, half-life 2: episode 2, portal, the orange box, stalker: shadow of chernobyl, metroid prime 3 and halo 3 came out. So, yeah, pretty good year for fps, that one.


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Feb 9, 2016
Yoshi178 said:
Samtemdo8 said:
Yoshi178 said:
Samtemdo8 said:
Metroid Prime 4 will destroy all of them.....if Metroid Prime 4 is everything I hope it will be and more.

PLEASE take notes from the first 2 games Nintendo.
Metroid Prime is a First Person Adventure.

exlploration and puzzle solving take more of a focus than shooting does in that series. except for maybe Metroid Prime Hunters but that was utter garbage.
Doom is just as much of a First Person Adventure as is Metroid Prime. I mean there is PLENTY of exploration to be had.
i haven't played modern doom yet except for a PAX demo.

i have played the original DOOM though and that was hardly exploration based. it literally was just an FPS. no exploration whatsoever in that
It is certainly exploration-based, albeit perhaps not essentially; for its time though there wasn?t anything else like it. Playing it as ?just an fps? will bypass probably 90% of the secret areas in any given level.


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May 14, 2013
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Any year before 1992 was the best year for FPS shooters, because it was before they were invented... :D